Monday, July 14, 2014

A visitor from NZ and away with van club ☺

Hello there, been a while but we are currently away.....We had this lovely person come and visit us for the day.....she came over from New Zealand to see her son and caught the train a 1hr 30min just so she could have lunch with us too
The man and her have been friends for decades and I am now lucky to be friends with her too now ☺☺

Next day I knocked up a foccacia and put plenty on the top as we wanted to freeze slices to take away with us

We had a small piece each and it was tasty and cut up into another 6 pieces and froze and packed in the Winjana

Thursday we headed off and this is the weather as we drove along, Miss Sunny was not that happy lol 

Stopped for a quick lunch

And made sure we were well rugged up....We look more and more like each other as the years go lol 

As we drove into Ballarat, it welcomed us with more rain......

Caravan park where we were staying for 3 nights
I managed to complete some black fingerless mittens for my niece in Sydney and post them on the weekend, she should have them by tomorrow (Tuesday)

Took a trip to one of the many look out area's
This is one of the many mountain bike tracks which of course is not something we are keen on.....

Beautiful coloured rocks in this area

Bit of a view but quite misty due to the rain

This is Lake Wendouree which had NO water roughly 4yrs ago and now look at it......

There is a lot of bird life here and one of the many black swans

Had ourselves a nice lunch with ciders, but forgot to take pictures of our meals, we were hungry lol 

Where we were staying

Right near the camp kitchen where we had 2 breakfast/morning tea's with the club

We also got to have lunch the next day with the man's oldest boy and his lovely girlfriend 

Also got to meet her mum to and they are so alike ☺☺ Great fun and look forward to do it again in the future

This is one of the van club members, very entertaining fellow

They decided we could all gather on the Saturday night for Xmas in July so we brought Jack Skellington over to decorate the wall......nightmare before Xmas ☺

2 tables were decorated with Xmas cloths, serviettes and other items

Smiling for the camera, but the man got cut out so......

A 2nd shot to include him lol  Was a great time and get to go to another meet up in September

Sunday the day was very crisp but beautiful sunshine, so we hooked up and hit the road for our next destination
Will be back with that once I can load some pictures up.
We are still away, feeling cold and me wearing my mittens in the Winjana
take care and hope you have enjoyed so far......


  1. How fun! You and the man really know how to do it in style. :-)

  2. Looks like a fun time....enjoy your travels,

  3. Good for you to be traveling and having such fun with lots of people! We are in the planning and prep stage of our big trip to Waldo Lake.. not sure if you were reading my blog a year ago. Gracie is going to come up and visit us there! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Almost missed this post, but I'm glad I didn't! So glad you are having good times with family and friends, Wendy. The photos of the rock formation and the black swan are especially beautiful. Thanks for posting. xx


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