Monday, July 7, 2014

PJ pants for grandboy and tap repair

Hi there, been still on the sewing wagon and knocked up another 3 pairs of pants, pj pants for little Riley...this makes about 7 pairs....go Granny

Apparently hey says boo a lot and roar to scare his mum and dad so they know he will like these ones lol 

And bear ones just like his Granny has ☺

And using up bits and pieces

Here is the little guy himself, almost 20mths old and with his favourite pillow

Not easy getting toddler photo's is it lol

Lifting up his big chicken toy

Gorgeous eyes and face, think he had been doing a bit of drawing on himself and of course enjoying some food too 

Outside in the boo pants and climbing up the slides steps all by himself then slid down, Granny had her heart in her mouth....... This was a very quick trip down and back and even dropped in on my brother and his lovely wife too, but saved them from photo's on here ☺
Living 160klm's away means you need to plan a little lol 

On Saturday the man set to work on fixing/replacing our broken tap/faucet 

We had an old tap from our kitchen prior to renovations so here it is in use again till this bathroom gets updated some time in the future.....we have some little/big thoughts on a renovation/extension here, will keep you posted

And more pj pants for me ☺☺

Lovely Dears.....just like in the toohey beer ad here....
Thankyou again for dropping in and keep warm out there......


  1. Looks like you got quite a good amount of sewing done! What a great PJ's pattern for yourself!

  2. He's getting so big and he looks adventurous...scarily so! :) The pants are all so cute, well done.

  3. You are really producing some wonderful things for your family! What an adorable boy! It's a good thing your guy is so resourceful! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'm with you. When my little grandees go up ladders and down slides, I feel like my heart is in my mouth, too. Your little guy is so cute. And you and your husband are making great progress in sewing and bathroom repair. Well done! (We got our bathroom fixed, too :) xx


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