Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crazy weather and a family catchup

Hello everyone.....we have been having crazy weather lately, warm and wearing a t-shirt and it is still winter to what was about to come.......Lovely blue sky on Friday morning....

And the wind was starting to pick up a little by 11, even blew one of my flowers off its metal stick, so only one in this picture......

You can see the clothes being blown around and the gum tree in the background with blue sky but bending branches....

The wind chimes were going crazy and making plenty of noise and it was still quite warm, me still in a t-shirt......

I fixed my other flower and they hardly look like they are spinning was crazy out there and temperature started drop by 1

Clouds coming over

and getting darker

The rain came quite suddenly 

and was pouring off the winjana......

It eased off a little and I swear I saw snowflakes....we don't normally get snow here but turned into small hail

As you can see...I certainly put on a jumper or 2 and stayed indoors
Even had to have the house lights on at 2 in the afternoon as it was that dark.....
So what better to do than bake a couple of cheese and bacon bread sticks
We were having a family catchup closer to where most of our kids live so were hoping the weather was going to fine up, as, had been predicted for the Saturday.......
We left home which is roughly a 130 klm's away and it was sunny at home but brisk...I did send txt messages while driving down (me passenger) just to check all AOK.....and it sounded fine

We arrived to the park we were gathering at and it was sunny with blue sky and of course cold as it is still winter here...the man and his youngest son in this shot

That little grand baby Riley arrived with a neat Mohawk hair do and rugged up in nice warm coat ☺

Cute guy

And that wild hair girl little Misty ☺

Their mum and dad (my middle boy)

My youngest boy with his fiance' arrived too well rugged up....

There is a great playground here and as you can see lots of dark clouds were starting to come on over
We all had just brought easy things to eat, like cooked chook, the bread sticks and I had a thermos too of hot water for anyone to use ☺

What a wild slide this is and my middle boy came down this one with a beer in hand, he almost got stuck as he is about 6ft upwards lol 

Little Misty came whizzing out very happy 

My youngest fellow and youngest grand boy, neat picture

Plenty of fun for little one's here

The man giving my girl a big hug lift, he misses his girl who is over in the UK...

And my 2nd born grand baby who has just turned 13, yes a teenager
His brother who is 15 did not come and I felt very sad, but happy to be able to see those that came ☺
The rain hit badly so we moved over to an area that had a solid roof so we could do the birthday cake

I put a t light candle in one of those holders which helped stop the wind blowing the candle out...

We all sang and look at that face smiling....

Blowing the candle out but not so keen on being the centre of attention....

We hardly ever get to take a group shot, so the man's youngest boy took this photo of us all, I had my hair in plaits to try and keep my ears warm lol 

A great happy shot of us all and am amazed how small I look, grandsons growing tall does not help lol 

And the man took one with his boy in the middle at the back with all that hair on his face lol 
To escape the cold we headed to a MacDonald's which was near by so the small people could play in warmth and we could all have a hot coffee indoors....and as you could imagine the rain stopped lol 

Misty did this picture with Riley and they gave it to my girl to keep ☺

We managed to get a big table and starting to enjoy the warmth

Auntie and nephew ☺

Oh there he goes into the play area ☺☺
And lots of pictures on here as his mum really wants to see them all and I am more than happy to oblige as other friends and family like to come here to see the changes in them all 

Balloon fun with Granny, I had taken out the plaits as was getting quite warm and later had my warm jumper off.....

Such a fun time and was great my girl  took take so many pictures for me too ☺☺

Granny and Misty 

Look at the curls on this guys head lol 

mmmmm Ice cream time

Oh how cute sharing with his big uncle

Nice big happy lick

I want to say we had a great time and I loved catching up with them all, never enough catch up times......

On the way back I got a snap of this rainbow while car doing 110 klm per hour, we actually saw 2 rainbows and one was a double amazing....

The next morning back to sunny blue sky but brisk brisk and look, ICE in our spa.....

Even a twig was stuck in this ice

And look how thick this bit was......brrrrrrr.......
Hope you had a great weekend I know we did even with crazy weather
take care and will be back some time soon


  1. Goodness.. what a fun and happy family time you had! Adorable children, you must love them so much. It's so weird that you have ice and we're having a heat spell.. 91 here today. Keep warm, we leave for our trip tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a nice family gathering. It looks like you all braved some bad weather to be together. Hope everyone had a good time and the weather has improved by now. Have a great week. :)


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