Monday, August 11, 2014

Grand boys, stage time and a super moon

Hello my lovelies. Nothing better than a great poached egg with balsamic reduction on toast for breakfast ☺ Still trying to lose more weight albeit very slowly.....

Oh look I finally got to see my number 1 grand boy and he even let old Granny kiss him ☺☺

He does look so happy lol 

He is 15 and now taller than me, here with the man as well....

Got to post lots of pictures when you can you know......

Now on Sunday we drove down to catch up with both Grand boys as one was in his yearly theatre performance, yep that is him...I call him Batty....

He knew where we were sitting and with that zoom able to take great close pictures ☺☺

Good assortment of girls and boys

Got to love that smile, he does like being on the stage and after interval we were to see him in "Wind in the Willow"

Lots of singing and dancing

Mole to the left and Ratty to the right

And that out of control Toad....of Toad Hall 

These little twin boys were amazing and very full of energy, although does not look like it here lol 

Plenty of annoying Weasel's lol 

And here he is starring as Badger.......

A very angry Badger.....

Got to love his make up ☺☺

Oh I have seen that look many times when he is bored bored bored lol, but this time part of his acting lol 

There was a lot of shouting at Toad.....

Love the make up on this young girl actor....Toad

Court case

Toad dressed in the washer woman clothing lol 

Lots of very good singers and actors ☺

With Granny in his Badger makeup 

And again without the makeup 
Hope you enjoyed these many pictures, I know my sister's Lolly and Loo will ☺☺

And a super moon was rising so of course had to get some pictures ☺

Rising slowly....

Up a bit more 

And in full view, always love a good full moon ☺☺
Thanks for the lovely comments and for dropping in for a look
Hope you all had a great weekend....I know I did


  1. Batty is quite the performer. Good for him, it's always nice to see boys who like to sing, dance and act. Your breakfast looks great but I'm glad you said what it was because I thought it was chocolate syrup. :)

  2. What fun! Live theater is exciting, especially when you are related to someone in the cast :) and I love your moon photos, Wendy! xx

  3. Oh yum...that breakfast. I'm going to try that! I'm toying with a new challenge on October 1st??? You in? Grandkiddos are awesome!

  4. You must be so proud of your grandson to be so brave as to perform like that! Fun photos. I also thought your toast had whipped cream and chocolate syrup on it.. lol! Come see my camp photos when you can. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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