Friday, August 22, 2014

Visiting and catching up

Well I have not posted for almost 2 weeks but that is okay as we can all do with a break sometimes
I had a friend to catch up with so the man and I headed on down on this foggy morning with good weather expected for the day ☺ We had lunch out together while the men had lunch at another place as they were expecting a small person to be dropped off to be minded....

And here they are after we got off the train. I was not quick enough to catch a photo of them walking up the street, 2 men and a baby lol One carrying baby who was a little upset and my man pushing the pusher, was such fun to see hee hee 

No good pictures of my dear friend (born in the same hospital and, friend for almost 60yrs) though and that is her walking ahead with my man following, pretending he had nothing to do with the pusher lol 

And the cute baby just wanting to be held and look around ☺ She is my dear friend's 1st grand baby 

And look a much better picture which my friend sent to me wearing the bib that I had sewn for her ☺☺ Lovely time spent with friends

I have been doing a little bit of crochet and got onto getting this scarf done with a simple double crochet, front post double crochet in a blue wool, called denim

Looks very grey here but really is a lovely denim blue colour and ready for me to give to my ex bro-in law for his birthday when we see him next week 

I have been down to visit my dear Mum and take her to a few appointments and she may be a little mad at me for showing this picture, but, here she is among some mess I made while sorting through bags of stuff she had in one of her cupboards lol She would never eat a meal surrounded by such a mess but I just said lets pretend it is a crazy party lol Luckily for me she does not read my blog.....

And on my way back from Mum's I got to meet up and have lunch with a friend who I went to high school with way back in 70's. I am in the front, 3rd from the left, with plaits looking rather angry lol and she is 2nd from the back 2nd from the left......

And here we both are now, changed just a little bit lol
Had a lovely catch up and will do so again
Nice to have friends you sometimes don't see for a long time but just like you spoke the day before.....
Do you have long time friends?
Take care and again thank you for visiting xoxo

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  1. There is nothing better than old friends.. "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and other gold." ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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