Saturday, September 13, 2014

Away with the club

Now this is a different way to start a post....It is a minion I am working on for my youngest grand baby's 2nd birthday......It does look a bit creepy so may change it...

We headed off on Wednesday afternoon after taking my Mum to a medical appointment and unhitched the Winjana and left it in her street, she was pretty impressed...
And this is the place we stopped for the night, nice spot beside a creek

Next morning we headed towards Rutherglen and it was pouring......

We arrived and caught up with some of the van club members for afternoon tea/happy hour ☺

Enjoying a quiet drink

The young lady standing runs the van park with her hubby and each afternoon they light the fire so you can gather around and keep warm....they even supply a few crackers etc....nice

Many beautiful trees

And that evening I did a bit of surgery on that minion......he now has no mouth but has arms sewn on ☺ next to rework that mouth......

Our television in the Winnie....watching a nature show 

Next morning took a few pictures around the park

There is over 20 vans on this little weekend trip

The park has a lake so we took a walk around 

As you can see, heaps of ducks

View across one side of the lake

A couple of eastern water hens on the golf course

Another view back across the lake towards the van park 

Bit of a zoomed in shot ☺

One white duck hanging out with 2 Mallard type ducks

Think the white duck was a bit camera shy lol 

Love this picture with the reflection of the ducks ☺

The man chatting with 2 of the lovely ladies from our group

Our bikes which we took for a ride around the lake and into town

Another view of gatherings and vans

The weather has been fabulous and little Miss Sunny has been very happy

Our 2nd day afternoon gathering by the fire

The man and his mate who loves my smarties cookies ☺☺

Getting the fire to flame up

We had tea out at one of the local pubs, and as you can see there is a LOT of us....good for any small town to have this many people visiting and spending their dollars....

Relaxing before bed with a red lol
Next weekend is when we get to see some steam trains so that is going to be rather exciting....well for me at least it will be....
Thanks for dropping by and enjoying our travels in life xoxoxo


  1. You two are the most going-est adventurers ever! I'm glad you're having fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. A really lovely place to park, Wendy, and you got some great photos. I can see why you were concerned about the cute minion's mouth though and I am interested to see how you sort him out :) xx

  3. You're always headed somewhere, I love it. It looks like you've had a very nice trip. Your minion is going to be great. His mouth was not bad, but I can see why you're altering it. Hope you have a good week. :)

  4. Love it when you take us along on your travels. What a lovely and fun group of Winnie lovers!


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