Thursday, September 18, 2014

Free camping beside the Murray river

Hello again.....and thank you for all of the comments and those who love joining in our trips ☺
We left the van group to continue our own trip with a bit of free camping.
Drove through the town of Yarrawonga and took a picture of this war memorial for world war 2

It is quite a busy little town, but this was Sunday so a bit quieter.....

Plenty of interesting shops here ☺

And I spied this group across the of them is wearing the caravan group t-shirt......
Got to love a good zoom lol 

And later we walked past and I took another shot of them all laughing at how I had managed a photo while over the road and them not even knowing lol 

We decided to stop at a free camp site recommended by another vanner....
Has a drop toilet so that can certainly be handy, although we do have our own facility but you know.....

The river is quite low due to Lake Mulwala having a weir which stops the flow on down

Another lovely afternoon and my shadow lol 

Another picture yes....

I spied this Cockatoo looking like it was making a nest ☺

And the tree it is in is way back in the canon zoom works very well ☺

It also had a friend with it

Cute just seeing the tail poking out.....

Kangaroo paw print, although did not see any myself

Certainly want to observe these rules....

The next day we moved across from where we first stopped to be closer to the river and a few others arrived....

As you can see a bus decked out for travel, there was 2 of them as well as 2 smaller motor homes

They got themselves a nice fire going....

A relaxing evening with the man trying to solve a puzzle and enjoy a nice glass of red 

There is that tail again

And out of the hole.....they flew off and never went back in

View from the van for the next few nights 

Jack and Mishap have enjoyed this trip too ☺☺

We took off on our bikes to get a bit of exercise 

And visited the Rich Glen Olive farm with lots of tasting of olives/oils/dhukka 

Nice view out from the cafe through the stained glass window

The man had a coffee and I had a Ginger cooler punch with fresh berries ☺☺

How fancy is this toilet lol, of course the seat is below but I was rather taken with the red lighting ☺

And a seat while you wait if needed....

They had a wonderful garden setup with all sorts of herbs and vegetables

I thought I had better get back on to that minion.....look he has boots....

Enjoying the views while hooking away ☺

One lone pelican swam by....I always like to think of my dad when I see them as he did love them very much ☺☺

And the Minion is finished, maybe a little monster looking but I am sure it is better than......

this.....well at least I think so lol 

I do hope little Mr R likes him for his 2nd birthday soon ☺☺

We had a bit of rain

But still enjoyed another evening wine with mosquito burner

On our last morning, the cattle came through

They seemed very happy grazing amongst the other campers....
Well now we are on to our fun steam part of the trip and I am rather excited about that
Keep enjoying and will be back again soon
love to you all out there xoxoxoxo


  1. I like olive oil and all but I thought you were at a Vineyard! I really like the Cockatoo. I have not seen one for years. They are only captive here and then it seems a shame. They are big aren't they and very clever. Great photos. Your minion, I love it! I hope he is well loved. I have a minion hat on my 'to do' list. I want to do a minion with glasses. xx

  2. It's fun to tag along with you two.. good job on the Minion.. my grandson's would love one of those! I'm not over making the green pig and red bird yet, though. LOL! What fun to have Cockatoos so close. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. More great adventures, and photos, Wendy! Thanks for posting xx


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