Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Steam train crazy me

Hello again, this is a picture of me riding my bike on the main road when we headed to a winery ☺taken by the man on his mobile....

The way back was much easier on a rail/trail path, no cars......

We got ourselves booked in at a van park in Echuca and the weather was lovely ☺

Everybody loves going to this bakery which as it says...BEECHWORTH but they have quite a few now in other towns ☺☺great for a coffee

One of the main touristy streets in Echuca

Bargain pie's

Very nice

See only 10cents for the 2nd pie

I do like it here as they have paddle steamers  going up and down the Murray river ☺☺

Quiet day

This tree shows the height of the floods over the past century, amazing height and I don't even reach the one you can see at the bottom 1971

One of the many steamers coming up the river

And this lovely old train which now just sits neglected.......

A beautiful evening sunset

Another glorious day and THIS is the station where my passion will  arrive on saturday ☺☺

Interesting plant, a different looking Aloe Vera, mine has a different flower

An old steam machine being fired up ready for the weekend......

150 years since the first train arrived at Echuca

There is even a turntable here just like we have in my home town ☺

Another lovely shot of the Murray river

Another beautiful morning

And the van park was certainly filling holidays have begun so lot's of families to arrive

And here is one duck family, very cute and tiny babies

Ah yes the lovely R761 ☺☺☺

You will have to excuse the amount of pictures but could not help myself.....took a few video's too and put those on facebook ☺☺

Glorious time


And here comes the other engine backwards.....

The other lovely K153, slightly smaller but love her just as much

We had a bit of a race along a dirt/stone road which was fun ☺

The man indulged my craziness so I could keep hearing the whistle and take more pictures/movies ☺

A houseboat heading up the Murray with a speed boat coming back down

The level is very low.....

Lots of houseboats are moored here and you can hire one for a few days or weeks

Interesting tree trunk with a lot of thongs (summer footwear) nailed to it and people's names and date

Look Lucy ☺ we had a little taste or tipple here lol 

Draught horses take people around for a ride over the weekend

The regular train called velocity v/line and these can go at up to 160 klm's

The steam machine up close

It was called Lesley 

And here they come again ☺

And go past......

Saw another family of ducks the following morning when we were packing up, this time 4 babies

And before heading to our next place to stay for a night the man parked near the station car park and what a view from the Winnie ☺☺ My breathing beauties ☺☺

An old relic of a carriage 

After this shot I took a movie so if you want to see look here 

Saw this Kangaroo slowly creeping across the dirt road ....and by the time we got closer could see at least 20 kangaroo's jumping away fast

Ok last shot of steam....
I hope some of you may have enjoyed this crazy passion of mine and do thank you all for your comments xoxoxo
I will be back with a final post from our trip involving a lovely fire at night
We are now just back home and doing about 6 loads of washing lol 
Take care my family and friends xoxoxo


  1. More great adventures for you two! It was fun to see the steam trains and the paddle wheel boats. Did you ride on one or the other? Have more fun, I'm sure you will! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. WOW!!! So many great train photos, Wendy, and I LOVE the ducks!!! Precious! xx


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