Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our last night of fun while away

Hey there people! What a lovely picture across the paddocks as we headed on to our final nights spot. We think this is canola growing and got to see plenty of area's just like this ☺

The road was good and the weather again lovely

We drove into Murrindindi-Scenic-Reserve right near Toolangi and parked for the night not far from the drop loo if needed ☺We stayed at the Water gauge camp

We paid our fees for the night then gathered wood on the way back throwing it into the back of the d-max...I built up a nice tee pee effect ready for burning ☺☺

Plenty of extra wood for later 

Spied this cute skink lizard

And this one that was a bit larger ☺

Checking each other out lol 

This area has plenty of camping for a fee and lots of walks you can go on and is right on a creek

One of those fun bridges that move as you walk along 

Plenty of flowing water here 

Looking through the bridge down to the water 

We did not do this walk but reckon we will come back another time and stay for a few nights and do it then 

You can just see our car through the trees in the background 

Ah yes, back to get the fire started

The flames really licked up after the man put on some dry leaves ☺

Nice to relax beside a fire 

Even heated up our tea that night with the heat on the rocks ☺☺

An Indian chicken dish which I had made before we came a way and froze for later reheating 

A lovely clear evening

Warm glow, nothing better ☺☺

Next morning final evidence of our fire

Final picture from the area 

And now I have been doing a little bit of crochet and it is for a swap I am in and hope what I ended up making is well received....this is just some of the colours used 
Well it is great to know so many of you have enjoyed another one of our trips with many more to come.....
Next my girl and man are coming for an overnight stay so that will be fun
Love to you all out there xoxoxo


  1. Another fun post about your travels -- love that campfire! I'm off to volunteer at the falls in a bit. Have a super day! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Love the campfire, but scared of lizards....hmmmm how could this be? xx


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