Sunday, September 28, 2014

A bit of crochet and family fun

This is part of what I was working on with some of those balls of wool.
I am/was in a swap and have now sent my parcel and don't think she looks at my blog so should be safe lol  We had to do a washer/dishcloth, flower brooch and gift some soap too

Here is my soap, I did a bit of investigating to see what types of soap she liked so hope this one passes ☺

She loves orange so chose 2 balls with plain orange and one a bit of a tweed orange cotton blend 

Here is my simple brooch.....I think she would have liked something Aussie themed but this is about the best I could do as far as crochet flowers as have only made one other flower brooch before
This was from Crochet with Raymond, Alice ♥

It has the little pin sewn in the back 

And the washer done with front post double crochet and double crochet.
I like it and sure hope she does, we have never met

Noticed she loves Anzac cookies so put 2 in the parcel and hope they make the trip ok...... 

Here is everything ready for bubble wrap and posting ☺☺

I made myself a little cardboard box for the cookies and lots of cling wrap and bubble in the mail and she should get it tomorrow as posted on Thursday afternoon ☺☺

And my girl came for a overnight visit with her man, hello again S & S xo

We had home marinated chicken wings and look more burnt in this picture than they were, they were yum!

Home made cheese bread 

Yummy pasta salad 

And later we had fun putting on this lace which was part of a sleeve from one of my tops that I removed and pretended we were scullery maids lol  Hello S and the man ☺☺

It was a lot of silly fun lol  Hello S

And today on Sunday I whipped up 2 pairs of shorts for the little guys who's birthday is in November...going to make a few more to put with that Minion and something else
How has your weekend been....mine has been a good one
thank you again for dropping in xo


  1. You sure know how to have fun. I'm glad your daughter comes to visit often. What a nice gift package you put together, it's sure to be appreciated. Have a super week ahead. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a beautiful gift package. Who wouldn't love to get cookies in the mail? :) I hope you have a good week, Wendy.

  3. I really like that dishcloth pattern, Wendy! [and I love that you and your family have fun times together.] xx


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