Thursday, October 2, 2014

Time spent at home for now

Hello my friends. The sun sure is getting higher in the sky here now and days getting warmer, although I cannot say that about today as it is cold and windy.......

Monday was a great drying day and just look at all the little daisy's growing in the lawn......2 hours later the mower guys had been and they were all gone...shame, I like them 

Lovely blue sky to enjoy

And yes just a few solar panels, the man likes to run a power station at home as well as....

In the Winjana.....heaps of lithium battery's under that wood cabinet which he is currently redoing to have it easier to check.....don't ask me question's as my eyes will glaze over lol 

While away we can even use 240 volt as he has a converter/inverter  installed and I have shown you the mega solar panels on the winnie's roof

The tunnel boot where he is currently working on the whole setup ☺

I on the other had have been doing more sewing and completed 4 pairs of little shorts for Mr R xo 

I bought some t-shirts and have attached material from the shorts onto the front of the tops, rather cute and fun ☺


Good old Casper the ghost 

And on tuesday another nice day I decided to have a little of this nice blue cheese and have a Ploughman's lunch 

Whipped up two mini loaves 

Cooked beautifully

And here it all is set out with corn beef, some pickled cucumber and other little cheeses with 2 light beers...was great and of course did not eat the whole lot lol 

So simple and so tasty ♥♥ 

My spring swap surprise was received and she loved everything, here is another cloth I whipped up quickly for another lady as her swap partner was unwell, so a few of us became swap angels and sent on her behalf.....nice feeling to do this for someone ☺☺

And look, this is what I received......purple washer with a BAT on it, a lovely daffodil brooch and lovely smelling herbal soap ☺♥

Love this bat and must make some myself, I do more crochet than knitting but really should give this another go
Hope you are having a good week
The man here has been a bit crook with LOTS of coughing and now 3 visits to the doctor so let's hope he gets well soon
take care out there xoxoxo


  1. Wow, your bread looks deeeLISH! You'll have to share the recipe. I hope the man gets better soon. My hubby has had a cold and is just now getting better. Of course when he has it, it's way worse than anything I get. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lovely swap!!! and I loved your eyes glazed over comment :-) [me too!]
    Hope your man healed quickly! xx


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