Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hanging out with famous people and Nanny at a 90th

Oh look at Max, my son and fiance's lovely cat a Mane Coon
He loves to look away from the camera so needed a little assistance lol 

A much better snap of him, so furry and he is really large but slim ☺

My future daughter in law and me had a relaxing time together while waiting to see the show my boy and his friends were starring in ☺

There was a stall of lots of felted items here, like bags, puppets, booties etc

Lots of pretty lights in the trees

We got ourselves a small bucket of popcorn, was yum

Here she is with my boy and one of his great friends, Damien and if you watched Neighbors 2005-2007 he was Dylan and in Winners and Losers as Jonathan as a regular
He has also been in movie's and other shows over the years and really lovely boy ☺

A quick snap before the start of the show 

The show is called "This night live" A variety show, with a bit of everything. Live sketches, live music, live performances with a twist of quirky humor

There was a band Mercies End ☺

and my boy as "Fappy the Falcon" with Dee Dee Smith (his friend) and the presenter of the show

He did make us laugh with his serious role 

Dee Dee asking Fappy some questions 

He got a little upset lol 

Then Damien came on stage to be interviewed 

They were both very entertaining

Many girls love this guy, including my mum lol 

Got to take plenty of pictures when family members are on stage ☺

It was a great night and they had 5 shows and this was their 2nd last show and each night had different people/stars and performers on

This young guy looked after the sound
I am real glad I went and look forward to be able to see more of any shows that they put together in the future 

I stayed at my sons house that night and look who was watching me from under the chair in the room I slept.....cute 
Then left there sat morning to go and visit my Mum and take her out....

To a very long time friend called Betty (same name as my mum) who was turning 90!  They have know each other since 13/14yrs of age through a business college they went to....

Close up of the birthday lady Betty, don't know if she wanted a close up lol 

My Mum in the mauve and her other long time friend (same college) Norma and her hubby Allan who turned 90 last year!

Some of the other guests 

Betty's daughters serving lots of food to the friends

Mum and Norma

Alan, I had a great time chatting with him, lovely man

Just look at a small portion of the food that was set up

Betty and Betty lol 

And about to have a sip of champers while everyone sang happy birthday

Candles with 90 and lot's of different flavoured cupcakes which they all enjoyed
Would you believe I only ate one thing and that was a small pikelet with salmon on it, oh and did enjoy a glass of red ☺☺

She had a wonderful afternoon with her dear friends and was good to be able to take her....
Now I am back home again ready for another week...
Hens day/night is in 2 weeks then the wedding a week after that....
May you be enjoying a lovely weekend where you are, even if you are working
xoxoxo take care out there


  1. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your Mum.. how nice of you to make sure she got to the party. You're a good daughter!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Happy birthday to your mum, it looks like she had a lovely party!

  3. Wonderful family celebrations, Wendy! Thanks for letting us enjoy them,
    too. xx


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