Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bits and pieces and a MOON with changes

Ah yes, starting to try to make another pair of socks and really hope I can get on with this pair a lot quicker than the last ones......they took me over a year due to lack of motivation.....I suffer that A LOT 

Made up a nice herbal tea of Rosemary, Lavender and Mint 

We had left over roast beef so the man turned it into 6 small pies with onion/mushroom and a bit of sauce, and only used one sheet of filo to each pie so quite a healthy pie ☺☺

And I also had the last of the Boozy creek blue cheese in my salad ☺

On Tuesday night I noticed the moon rising so got my camera snapping away.....

This cannon camera does quite well with the zoom ☺

Yes I took even more but don't want to overdue the snaps here as last night we had an eclipse and most of you will have seen that depending where you live ♥

This is last night as the moon rose

Some of those pesky clouds got in on the act......

But still looks good ☺

The man set me up with the tripod so I could get some good clear pictures....

And then the moon started to get eaten away 

Just starting

See on the right how there is a dark patch?

Took plenty of shots and like the look of each photo ☺☺

This was on full zoom and the moon a lot more dark 

Starting to get a reddish look

And this was my final photo and was getting a bit harder to captures as could not zoom any closer but it still looks great ☺☺
Hope I have not bored you with too many moon pictures but....well....I love the moon lol
We are doing a few changes to the house here so lots of moving of stuff.....
All this stuff including bed base and bunk bed bases have been moved from garage room which of course means no one can stay here at the moment 

here is the garage room without the beds now and starting to have stuff moved from....

here and all beds will end up in here once all of this stuff is then moved out to the garage room  

The room I well then sew in and do our office type thing in.......


  1. Love all the moon shots.. you and I have that in common! Good job on doing some re-organizing. I need to do that in my "creative space". I have way too much stuff! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your moon photos are great, Wendy. It looks like you've been really busy with crafts and organizing. I'm glad to know you like blue cheese, it's one of my favorites!

  3. I really enjoyed viewing your moon photos, Wendy! Thanks for sharing. I returned the camera my daughter and I took moon photos with a few weeks was too big for me to easily carry around so I got a smaller Panasonic but have not charged it up yet. xx


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