Saturday, October 11, 2014

Changes and Lemon problems

Hey there my visitors..... not a nice picture but, sabotage of the lemons!!!! And I destroyed the culprit and then went inside to collect......

this great spray, have used it before and really sorts out quite a few bug problems ☺☺

The lemon tree has grown heaps and we have even cut it back a few times....I gave it a real good spray....the tree is under 5 years old and we have had PLENTY of lemons from it ☺☺

I have just made up this concoction using a lemon with ginger and honey recipe in this blog and going to see how it tastes in a day or 2, possible a tsp with hot water ☺☺

And used some lemon peel in this strange looking mix with ginger, sugar, vanilla bean and vodka......homemade-ginger-liqueur recipe source I am on a roll with ginger at the moment lol 

And just grated ginger with vodka ginger-infused-vodka recipe and going to have a wee taste tonight as only needed 24hrs, so let's hope it tastes good with soda ☺☺

Tiny ginger bits in the vodka, next time if it tastes ok will just use thin slices ☺☺

And back to the room is the room we used for our office with computers and sewing now looking rather empty ☺

The spare bedroom however is in a bigger mess for now........

But the shed room now has my horn sewing cabinet, computer desk in corner and the bigger desk for the old computer.....

And the man will have his little corner computer desk in that corner and we have filing cabinets in place and just need to setup our printers.....we even have the Internet working out there ☺☺

Another task which needs to be done soon is most of this garden bed, my herbs, need to move as we are slightly extending the house........

And those herbs need to move into this garden bed, lets hope they survive the move......if not will just have to replace....
How are things at your place this weekend?
We are having 2 good days of weather which helps, although not enjoying the hay fever lol 
See you again real soon xoxoxo


  1. Bravo on your organizational endeavors.. you are an inspiration. Your concoctions look yummy! I'm taking it easy this weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Good job with all the cleaning up and organizing. It always feels good to get these jobs done!

  3. How wonderful to have a lemon tree, Wendy! Your lemon recipes sound interesting, too. My older sister had a lemon tree while she lived in San Jose, CA, and it was so great she could just go shopping for lemons in her back yard :-) xx


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