Monday, October 13, 2014

Moving plants and finished office/sewing room

Hello again ☺☺
Slowly slowly knitting that sock but enjoying.....I really can spend a lot of time doing nothing at all.......

Thank goodness all of these plants do not have to move for the extension as these succulents are really growing well ☺

The Mint has come back and going crazy in this little patch of our yard

So on Sunday I moved some of those herbs into the garden bed ready for them...Coriander on the  right and then a bush of Thyme 

Looking from this angle 2 plants of Sage with Oregano next to that and hoping.....really hoping they cope with the move......

And here is my new sewing area all set up with my little corner computer desk ready for surfing the net ☺☺

Oh and got to love having Jack Sparrow to watch over me ♥

And the man's corner is set up and he is very happy ☺

View from my sewing desk looking at the backyard ☺

The empty office/sewing room

Ready to bring in the beds

And there are the 3 beds, 1 king single and the others are bunks but as singles for now.
Currently we can sleep 5 extras if needed or 7 if using the Winnie van ♥

Today the weather was wet wet and cold cold.....typical as we often get 4 seasons in 1 day
but it was good for the oregano and sage, they look happy 

Don't know about the Thyme or Coriander 

I recently experimented with musk sticks and some vodka and here it is after being filtered....

Pretty looking and quite a nice little tipple, not to sweet either
How are things in your world?
Getting closer to my youngest boy's wedding which is rather exciting ☺☺
Take care and see you again


  1. Your garden is doing well.. and love your new office and craft space! I need to work on mine.. argh. Tell us more about youngest boy's wedding!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love seeing your plants, you seem like a very dedicated gardener. The yarn colors are very pretty in your sock, I look forward to seeing them done.

  3. Good for you working on your sock, gardening and setting up craft and guest space, Wendy! You inspire me :-) xx


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