Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween fun in Rosedale

Happy Halloween to those who like.......
Put on my neat t-shirt today as we were going to visit a small town near where we live

Rosedale and have driven through and visited quite a bit, but never knew that some residents from USA had started something 6yrs ago

Oh yes, pumpkins.....

And lots of young one's dressed up, some walking like a zombie ☺☺

These young lads were more than happy to wave their sickle lol 

Ah yes a zombie dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller...they were hoping to break the Australian record of 900 with 1000 people doing the dance ☺

How cute are these cupcakes.....

Even eyeball cakes lol 

The crowds were starting to arrive

Oh I did not like this massive spider one little bit lol

And they had a haunted house which the American family had been doing for years and  now on a rather large scale and I never knew anything about this till this year! I only live 30 mins away....But having said this, I don't really like dark rooms so no I did not go inside but do know from other years others have screamed their way through......

There was a leg hanging out of the spiders mouth and all the little kids loved it and touched it to make it move.....brave kiddies ☺

A selection of living dead dolls.....

One of the local radio stations were there to help and here were a few of the dancers practicing the dance

More neat decorations, I felt right at home as love this

Great carved pumpkin ☺☺

Plenty of place selling food and drink ☺

Even a selection of farm animals, of course I loved the ducks 

Another stall with a witch buying some spiders...eeek 

Horse drawn carriage taking many for a ride around town

Check out that headless driver and unsure about his sidekick lol 

Even the horse was into Halloween lol 

Those doing the dance needed to register so they would know the number for maybe breaking the record......

Got a snap of some more entrants, neat 

Many local shops had their decorations happening 

Local Chemist had the zombie dance brochure up 

Even the butcher had decorated ☺☺

A bigger group practicing.....

The screen where they would show the video clip and later a movie Monster House

Plenty dressed up 

A better picture from my mobile of them getting their zombie on lol 

Look at the amount going to do the thriller dance......

The front group.....

And it was about to begin with the Thriller clip first then the dance.....
I took a movie but it was too dark to really see all of the dancers but it was a lot of fun
We are now back home and early enough for some young trick or treaters to visit us and score some body part lollies lol 
Do you like Halloween?
It is not really celebrated that much here but many do like how they can go around with their kids just for a fun family time ♥
Hope you enjoyed this little post
Take care xoxo


  1. It looks like a really fun time. I love Halloween, I'd say it's almost my favorite holiday, actually! I hope you're having a good weekend. :)

  2. Wow, just found this page. This is cool as we are usually too busy to take many photos. My husband builds the haunted house, (the American guy).

    1. Oh wow how awesome FANTASTIC and it is the best xxoo


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