Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tasmania trip at the beginning

Hello there, here we are at Station pier for our trip to tasmania 

There was a cruise ship docked and later noticed there was 2 of them ☺

The boat we were going on was which is a large ferry that takes you over to the other part of Australia on a roughly 12 hour trip and you can take your car. Which we did with lots of our own supplies of food etc....

You drive on following others....

There is the other side of the ferry where you exit when you arrive at Tassie ☺

A better photo of it while we waited in queue

After a couple of hours finally able to board, driving through

Even had to navigate down a rather steep ramp lol 

All parked ready to now walk up the stairs to our room for the night as this is an overnight ferry ☺

Look fun times for us with bunk beds lol 

Good old bathroom
Out on the balcony you can see the 2 cruise ships

The queue of cars still boarding and caravans too

Another attempt at a selfie with Spirit of Tassie sign lol 

There it is.....

On of the cruise ships had a massive outdoor screen!

Off we go and the seagulls were going crazy

Next morning and the sun was shining, but cool breeze 

Last snap of the interior of Spirit. There is gift shop, information shop, bar, restaurants etc etc 

Land ho 

And we had a bit of a delay leaving in our car as 2 people had battery problems....soon fixed though

On the road we go and the sunny flowers were very happy indeed

Stopped off at a park with some falls called Guide falls

Upper area

Next larger section

View from the platform flowing down the creek

The wonderful stairs down to the lower area of falls 

Bottom of stairs and looking back towards the falls 

Really lovely

Lovely flowing creek

A tree had fallen down but still held in place above the creek

Other view and back to another small fall

A house up the hill above these falls ☺

We visited this museum on our drive to our accommodation....

Toot toot

Penny farthing, goodness knows how those clever people rode them

Plenty of rocks and gems and crystals here 

Tasmania devil.....

Old record player

Neat old sewing machine.....

View down the backyard area of museum

Someone with a bit of humour must have put this together 

Massive shed

And mostly empty with cars for sale.....

We have been at our accommodation for 1 night and today

We went for a drive to a nearby beach


Zoomed in

And we were able to drive onto this beach with our 4 wheel drive ☺☺and look way out there on the small island...

Another lighthouse 

View of other lighthouse from the back of our car

Zoom again

The car on the beach getting ready to drive back 

We drove around to another area for a walk

Steep climb down with a few steps

The beach and boy was it windy and rather cold (freezing lol)

Kangaroo paw print....actually there were a lot and they must have come down

to drink the fresh water flowing down to the sea

Look at the mans hair blowing wildly lol 

The sand was whipping past too.....

Just a few seaside flowers

We then had a short walk here, which is walking distance from where we are staying

Little bridge over the creek flowing down to the sea

A chair for enjoying the creek and maybe see a platypus information here

Looking back down the creek

And back to the sea again....
Hope you enjoyed this post and all the pictures and will be back again with more as we are going on a river cruise tomorrow ☺☺
take care people xo


  1. Thanks for a wonderful tour, Wendy! The Tasmania devil looks fierce! How did your passion for trains begin? I am fascinated by them too, and lighthouses. Blessings to you and The Man :) xx

  2. Wow, what a trip! That waterfall was beautiful. I bet you're in train heaven!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. It looks like your trip is off to a wonderful start, Wendy! I've never been on a cruise boat or even a ferry boat, I'd love to try it someday.


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