Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tassie trip continues, this time on a river cruise

Hello again, not real clear pictures but you can see the kitchen/lounge area of where we are staying in Strahan in Tassie

Hall to the bathroom and bedroom

Yep bathroom

And bedroom where I must say we have killed 3 spiders.......well at least the man has....1 on the wall in bedroom....1 in lounge near sliding door and worse.......1 in the bed last night.....EEEEEEK..we will not stay here again as lots of webs around the ceiling and walls....

Front view which looks nice....or is that where the spiders hang out....

A small creek where you may see a Platypus....

Have a seat and rest.... but look out for SPIDERS!!!

Well today we went on a river cruise and this is not a great selfie but you just go with what you have lol 

Our view from the seats

Captains area

View out from the captains area 

The man enjoying a coffee 

Still at wharf taking outdoor snaps

The other side of boat

Obviously inside and we were sitting 2 rows from the front ☺

Quick snap from my seat with zoom

The other river cruise boat....

Now up the top looking out from over the captains area

Back across to the town of Strahan 

Hotel where we had a meal Wednesday night

The Captain in his seat taking us off for an adventure ☺

Bubbly for us 2 ☺☺ and before 9am lol 

The lighthouse which we saw while driving along the beach yesterday......but from a different view point

Different from a boat

Another angle of a lighthouse from within the boat ☺

Great chance to take different pictures

Loving hanging out the back of the boat ☺☺

Rocks to form a training wall so the water will flow in a direction which helps the boats/ships  

Great sandy cliffs in the distance

Looking out the back as we zoom off...

There are those lighthouses from yesterday which we snapped while driving on the beach sand

And this shot.....I can tell you I was holding on for dear life as we zoomed to our next area in the wild open ocean!!! But still managed to take a snap....The man had gone inside and left me......

Luckily got back inside to my seat later and notice the sea horizon here......

And yep, that sea horizon is a little different.....way different lol 
Plenty of rocking which I don't mind as long as I can hang on to something.......

On our trip we passed Trout and Salmon farms 
They feed them 3 times a day

And spray chook like pellets mixed in the water to feed them...

We then cruised down the river

The Captain, but not easy taking a shot back into glass

Some great crackers and cheese, and must say the blue cheese with the leather wood honey was very tasty indeed ☺☺

Oh and a nice Champers on the side to....

The mirror look of  the trees was beautiful

Looking out over the boat 

Along the side

Along the back side

Out the back and loving the cool of the breeze and water rushing

Beautiful picture.....

Bit of a rain forest walk off the boat

Wonder if a Platypus lives here 

Blackwood tree, very tall 

Zoomed in on some neat ferns growing on a tree

Massive fungi growing on a large tree....

More ferns growing out of tree stumps

I think at the bottom is some Laurel plants....hello Lolly (my sister)

Showing the years on a stump

And again.....hello Lolly, everyone kept talking about Laurel and I felt like they were talking  about my big sister lol xoxoxo

Back to the boat to enjoy our trip back

The captain

No one driving the boat.....on auto for a while lol 

The man's lunch.....I had eaten mine before I thought about taking a snap lol
Seafood and salad ☺☺

The other tour boat sailing by.....

And we visited Sarah Island and thought about my girl who's name is SARAH ♥

Old sites of rooms

Walking along the track

View out to sea from Sarah Island

Where they made slate lime

Our tour guide

More ruined buildings.....but then again it was a solitary prison area so do not thing any one misses that at all.......

An old oven for cooking 

A very interesting tour......

And look I am almost to the end of my second sock.....go me....well, I do need to finish it...
How have you been spending your week?
take care and feel free to day hi or follow ☺☺♥


  1. Another great adventure I love the idea of looking for Platypus. Have you ever seen one? I am not afraid of spiders but we don't have dangerous ones here. The bubbly before 9 really caught my fancy. That is the life eh? Enjoy. xx

  2. It looks like a fun boat trip.. I love boats! Your sock is quite beautiful. Have a super week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Wow! What a fabulous post! Beautiful photos, beautiful lichens on those ruins. XOX


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