Saturday, November 8, 2014

Steam train in Tassie Queenstown and more

Hello and welcome back for more of our travels....
This was a scenic view on the road to Queenstown Tassie after leaving Strahan

Wonderful low lying cloud over the mountains ☺

And here is where we are going to see a steam train, which we visited 3 years ago but did not go on the trip

Huge shed with plenty of carriages 

The 2 carriages which would be taking us on the 4 hour return trip

The engine steaming up for the haul

All connected 

Toot toot 

A third of the way along this trip they topped up with water as this trip is very steep further along

Another top up and then the train 

Attaches itself to the rack.....the train has a third set of wheels down the middle and then it gets pulled along as well as steaming along

Part of the King river 

The man doing some filming

The other side of this bridge looking back 

Little train house 

At one of the stations some of the people had a go at panning for gold ☺

Nice close shot of this neat little engine.....

Shiney and steaming 

One shot taken from my seat on the train travelling up

Inside of our carriage

At another station I went on the bridge and took this looking back down at the train and carriages

There is the Rack where the train was connected to and more ahead of this station

Topping up again

This little boy had the best day and can imagine he will remember for a long time....he even got to wave the green flag to get the train to go again....

King river way down below us

At the final station we took a walk around to have look
And here is a replica trestle bridge where we went across 

More of the river after us descending down to this last station


And here comes the train backwards 

One of the guys pushing the train around 

And the other driver was a girl pushing with all her might too ☺

Ready to board for the return trip back

Toot toot and goodbye little engine ☺☺ 

Queenstown   more info here is surrounded by lots of mountains and certainly can have snow here anytime through the year.....

The road trip now to Hobart information where we will be staying for a week

Lots of road climbing here but the day was beautiful 

And the sunny girls enjoyed that sun....

A lake which looked pretty with the surrounding mountains, we think is called Lake Burbury

Nice ☺☺

And today Saturday morning we went to this busy market right in Hobart
market information too much for me to type, there is heaps to see and do ☺☺

Oh yeah it was busy busy......

And would you believe hot.....29 degrees Celsius.....

This busker played the bagpipes and got very hot towards the end and breathless lol We saw him later in the middle of the city playing a violin

There was even a cow playing the guitar lol 

What about this boat/catamaran you can sit on sheep lol, it sure gave me a good giggle 

Off it goes and we may get a chance on this but don't know about me sitting on the sheep lol 

And after 4 hours of walking around we reckon we deserved 2 low carb beers....cheers to you all out there.....the weather is now cold hours later but still the afternoon and now 18 degrees Celsius...
Hope you enjoyed your visit here and see you again soon xoxo


  1. You two are the traveling-est pair! Good for you! Lots of fun you two have.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Still enjoying your travels! Did I tell you before that my husband and daughters learned to play the bagpipes well enough they even marched in some parades? So glad you are having happy days. xx

  3. ♡♡♡♡♡ WOW!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

  4. Ohhh Mum what Beautiful places! King River looks so Divine, want to touch that water and go driving around those Beautiful mountain ranges! What Epic steam fun you have had! Love you sooo MUCH ♡


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