Monday, November 10, 2014

Tugboat and view of our room

Hello is a tugboat we noticed while down at the wharf in Hobart

Some people were heading out on a yacht

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday

We noticed that the tugboat seemed to be moving a large platform building on the water with the assistance of a couple of boats pushing on either side...and as we found out on the new last night on the news tasmania/brooke-street-pier-arrives-at-new-home-on-hobart-waterfront ...and even had to be moved with 2 tugboats under a large bridge....amazing

Here is the street where the market was held on Saturday, now back to being a road.....

And full of parked cars

Noticed a few statues down on part of the wharf

Even a seagull thought it could join in too

And on our walk back up the hills we found this little stall outside a house....we bought ourselves some lovely lettuce and some red hot chillies too ☺☺


And look those socks are finished 

And I am wearing them today and very comfy indeed ☺

Now for the tour around where we are staying.....a time resort called Regent Park
This is the lounge dining

One side of kitchen

Other side with convection microwave and double electric burner....have cooked a few healthy meals since arrival on Friday....

Our bedroom

Spare room where others could join us, but as you see we have lots of stuff, even our Waeco fridge/freezer, with lots of frozen meat/chicken etc 

And the neat bathroom with a nice bath ☺☺

Now I have started another pair of socks and

Crocheting a potholder too
How is it all at your place?
Take care and will be back again....
Wednesday I am doing a round the world blog hop where you are supposed to tag 3 others to continue it on and answer a few questions about yourself, but I am doing a solo one which is fine by me xoxoxo


  1. Your socks look Awesome Mum, wish Shannon and I were there ! Such a pretty place! Love you Mum xoxoxo

  2. Great socks and awesome places you're visiting! Looked like a very comfy room. I loved the little wooden yacht.. you could sail around the world in it!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. This whole trip has looked like a lot of fun. Your room is really nice, it must be great to be able to cook some of your own meals while you're away. I really like those statues at the wharf, the animals are very realistic!


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