Monday, November 24, 2014

End of the time away in Tasmania

Hello out there, yes we are back and just doing a last post on trip.....bad Internet so now doing this from home ☺ Going to show lots of pictures with few words today, enjoy

Yes another lighthouse

Plenty of steps down to the view over the sea

A cicada quite small but making a lot of noise...

Lovely old gnarly tree

An aboriginal information and art centre which sadly is now closed.....

Where the Don river flows into the sea

Ah yes found another steam train area ☺

And yes no steam running till December....oh well

Me with my named sign lol and my purple docs too

In the centre of Devonport city 

And yes the spirit ferry which we returned on Sunday morning

Beach down near where we stayed for the week

An evening stroll

Back across the golf course to our accommodation 

Our room up the top

Incredible coloured water.....

Got to love a rock pool 

This penguin made me look slimmer lol 

Oh how happy the man was lol 

This town was called Penguin (after the fairy penguins in the area) so of course they had these bins 

A little dachshund came to say hello and trotted back home at the lookout 

Yes I walked out on this pier but did not like the lack of sides lol 

Beaconsfield_Mine_collapse  a very sad time for the town and mine but they now have this beaconsfieldheritage centre to see and read and watch all about it

Without the dark 

With the flash, what it would have like for the miners trapped....not good

There were scarves knitted CloseKnitPROOF over 2 kilometres by local and people throughout Australia and overseas....incredible

Replica of the town

Miners cottage

Fallen walls 

I am safe up above

These tree trunk carvings were in a park on our road trips and was amazing to see, but photo's do not do it justice at all....

Look at those carved teeth....

Well that is it for now....
I will be back again soon xoxo
Hope you enjoyed this trip with us, I know we did xox


  1. More amazing adventures for you two.. loved the penguin pix.. you're getting so slim! I wish I had your self control.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a fabulous trip you had, Wendy!!! Thanks for sharing the interesting photos, We had cicadas in Missouri where I grew up and they certainly can make a racket :) xx


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