Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Launceston and now Port Sorell

Hello my friends and family ☺☺ been a few days but have been on the road and also limited Internet access.....We arrived at our 1 night stop in Launceston more info here  and there were heaps of bikers in town and many staying at the same motel as us ☺

Our bed area showing fridge area too 

Obvious bathroom with a bath again, neat, oh and me in the mirror lol 

From the doorway

And one of those long long corridors......a bit like a rabbit warren actually....

We did plenty of walking around town and a nice Italian meal at that night, but next morning we walked again to the City park where look they have these!

All busily grazing for food

"huh, what you looking at" lol

Happily grooming each other

And this Mum had a very small baby you can just see the wee hand under her elbow ☺

One view from the monkey area

And the view the other way, right near the cbd, amazing and they are very happy in this area as these monkey do not mind the cold and have a vet or 2 checking on them and monitor population to stop in breeding and send to other nature parks and zoos ☺☺

Here is the North Esk which flows into the Tamar river 

Busy bridge which we think was called Victory bridge still in Launceston

Yes chair lift, which we did not go on as was a little pricey plus I am not that keen, give me rollercoasters any day ☺

A beautiful area to walk around though

Not many riders today

Walking along the pathway up towards 

This bridge

Zoomed in on this swan having fun gathering grass to eat

View down as we walked across the bridge

And up the Gorge.....

See that swan way down amongst the foamy area

Some grass in its beak

View back after we crossed

High up on a viewing platform a great sight

Oh look there we are and for once I managed to take an ok selfie lol 

Peacock on the ground

Peacock on the roof

Peacock in the tree

Zoomed in and boy were they making a lot of noise ☺

This one was just lazing about the garden near a cafe at the park

The man filming the basin

2 riders way up high

We certainly got a lot of walking in that morning

And instead of climbing masses of stairs back up to car park area.....

We rode a cog railway cart which you pushed the buttons yourself to get up to which ever level you wanted to get out at.....

And look I was quite happy with this one, no tipping lol, my Sydney boy would be proud xo
We then hit the road for our next destination

Stopped for lunch at this lovely pub with a wonderful airy view 

And arrived in Port Sorell more info here

Beautiful looking seaside

Our room from the front door to the balcony

Yep bathroom and a bath again yay, love a good bath

Spare room with our stuff ☺

View from bed out to balcony and to golf course (which we do not play) lol 

On Monday we visited another information centre and saw this platypus....

And the poor thing had indeed flown when a storm hit and he flew right over the nearby museum and is in need of a little fixing.....

Thought about Gerry and the pacemakers with the song "ferry cross the mersey" while walking here lol 

No pigs, but ducks of course

We then drove on to a local dam to have a look

Lady bird ☺

Plenty of high rock wall here

Lots of wire fencing holding any loose rocks that may tumble down....eek

A lot larger than it looks here as goes way round the other side

We then stopped at Tasmazia largest complex maze in the world according to the information here

Lots of fun little buildings hidden amongst the mazes....

I DID NOT GO IN HERE......scared of dark rooms and see the white floating ghost thing in doorway....yes big chicken me lol 

On the balancing maze

Walking around Crackpot village next to 3 of the mazes

Took these next few pictures from a lookout spot and amazing how large this place is.....

Oh the poor witch.....

We walked around and around for ages and even stopped for a break and had lunch then back again for  more mazing.....don't even think that is a word...oh well, my blog ☺☺

View back over one of the large mazes, more like mega bush and good luck lol 

There goes the man through this squeezy passage

The man checking the inside of 3 bears cottage

There they are eating at their table.....

In you go to the cage, I will wait outside lol 

Cradle mountain in the distance 

Oh look a pun or 2 around these building....chook house lol 

And lots of topiary around the garden

See this one is still growing into its tail ☺
We had a lot of fun and then drove to a town we heard had a lot of murals 

Amazing art work around this town called sheffieldtasmania and information

The local pub....

Oh look a batman piano 

And this mural has marbles involved

We spent quite a bit of time in this amazing marble shop (no pics allowed)

Look at the old singer sewing machines on the roof.....

Outside the art gallery

A few of Tasmania animals although the poor tassie tiger is extinct 

Cradle mountain, with amazing detail....

Well we sure did a lot of walking on Monday and must say slept well that night....
Today, Tuesday we have been out and about again but will save for another post in a day or 2...
Thanks for visiting and the lovely comments too xoxoxo


  1. It all looks very interesting! (And some of it maybe a little terrifying, LOL). You always visit such fascinating locations. I think the macaque exhibit takes the cake, though. I love those guys! They're so fun to watch and noisy too. :)

  2. Wow.. lots of pix! You two sure get around! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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