Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fun with sheep in Hobart ☺

Hello again and just look at the man happily sitting on a sheep lol
This was on that Ferry which I have shown a few pictures of and we decided to have a trip on Wednesday over to Mona Museum

Yes I look pretty happy with myself having a seat here lol 

Obviously where the captain sits

The front of the ferry outside the captain's window

There is the floating Brooke street pier now being worked on to open by mid summer

Oh look a cow on board the ferry lol 

Our seats

Just starting to leave the wharf

Off we go with a cool breeze blowing

Really neat view over the cow's back ☺

Just look at these young ones enjoying their view out over the bay from the sheep's back lol 

Approaching the Tasman bridge, which is tall enough to allow all ships under

It was a wonderful smooth ride

Rock cliff face along the bay

I made him get on the cow for this little snap lol 

99, yes 99 steps we had to climb up.....thank goodness my knees were feeling good

This hand reminds me of a cartoon character hand

The building where the museum is inside.....all I can say is, it is very different, and they recommend you have an open mind lol mona museum info no picture from inside as my camera did not go well but we did enjoy the difference and you were given a device just like a smart phone to walk around and read/listen to the description of what you were looking at.....

A large iron concrete mixer truck

Incredible ironwork which it was made up of

The hands were little seats at the bench
We had this great lunch once we got back in to town and this was the entree' size! I had spaghetti pescatore which had NO cream sauce just good seafood and garlic yummo ....he had a chicken/mushroom penne pasta
A good day out and on our walk back to accommodation....

We saw Pinocchio just hanging around in someones window lol
And on the sock news, I got a bit more done last night while watching NCIS ☺☺
Hope  you are having a good time where you are even if at work...
take care and see ya again soon xoxoxo


  1. There sure is a lot of livestock on that ferry. :) It looks like a nice outing, the ironwork is definitely really cool to see. Your lunch looks very tasty; I love spaghetti with white clam sauce and I make it fairly often. Easy and relatively healthy (as long as I don't load it up with oil).

  2. I've never seen a ferry with cows and sheep to sit on! How fun! How long until you return home? Have fun on your adventures. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I think we need sheep seats here in the States, as well. Now who can I convince? Bravo on your sock progress! I watch NCIS, too :) xx


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