Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fun time out and about

Well look there are those sheep again with a cow in the background on that ferry which we plan to go on today or Thursday.......
Back to normal posting again and adventures here

We have done HEAPS of walking around Hobart and this is the top of the street we are staying in.....

Zoomed down to the grey building at the bottom and look there is where we are staying ☺

No zoom again and amazing hills for sure...

Today (Tuesday) we drove to check out this Antarctic type museum

Antarctica and good old OZ

Old snow travelling sled

Emperor penguin and Adelie penguin

Look at that fancy mouth lol 

The next few pictures were what was around the museum and my canon camera picked them up quite nicely so enjoy ☺☺

Oh who do we have here................

Look at the man trying to control those sled dogs lol 

Noticed 2 brown birds way down in the garden area.....


Oh how cute they have a little one with them and found out they are Tasmanian Native Hen

Got to love lots of poppies and today was remembrance day so a special minutes silence at 11

Chinese Mulberry tree

Love its crazy twisted trunk

Entered in here.....

And I can tell you these coolers were blasting some cold for sure....8 degrees Celsius

Just a neat area of Antarctic examples......

Oh boy were there some magnificent herbs at the botanical gardens

Fabulous smell to of so many varieties

Artichokes too

We then went through the conservatory which was about to have a wedding ceremony

Bird of paradise....

Leaving as they guests were starting to gather ☺☺

View from our balcony to Mt Wellington

Zoom shot and did not visit this time, but 3 years ago we did and it cost us a lot as the man's glasses were blown off his face and then he had to get a quick replacement pair......but was a lot of fun lol 

Up on the roof balcony a great view over to the harbour

Another great zoom shot

And a large zoomed shot over to other side of harbour

Beautiful weather we have had even with the chilly breezes

The roof balcony area for all to use

They are going to get a BBQ up here to in the future, currently there is one down on the ground area which we had a group breakfast BBQ feed today ☺

Final zoom over the balcony wall.....
Hope you are still enjoying this trip of ours with more too come....
Hello and love to my family who have been reading this too, love ya all heaps
take care my friends and yes I will be back just like the terminator lol

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  1. So many interesting photos, but the one of the artichokes made me wonder if the artichokes in California that I posted about in the Spring here go through a stage when they are tinged in red. I just saw them green.
    I am glad the man had good rapport with the dogs :) xx


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