Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello again ☺♥

Had a bit of a cooking spur on this past week and knocked up a very nice pizza using the bread dough I make....the ham/salami veg for the man and I had the seafood mix with veg....

We were so hungry and loved the pizza that much, only got to take a picture of my last slice of seafood pizza and will make this again as delish and pretty healthy for a pizza ☺

With the mini rolls I made (sliders) we had BLT  for lunch one day....

That is an apricot next to the little roll just so you can see how little these rolls are....very tasty indeed too ☺☺

Don't you love old photo's.....this is one of my dear girl (pink ribbon) and her lovely cousin (blue ribbon)....they are both now in their dare I say late 30's lol 

And my oldest boy (blonde) and his cousin (her brother) who also are now over 30....where do the years go...

And I am back from picking up my Mum from her hospital time and stayed 2 nights, she is going ok and looking forward to a trip away with me and the man on the 12th for a week ☺
Here she is with my four and my brothers three many years ago, such a fun cute shot xoxo and of course she is almost 90 now with that mob all in there 30's lol 
Boy has this year flown, just like so many others before....Xmas is upon us
May you be enjoying something where you are ♥


  1. I have got to make some bread myself if I want some.. hubby was really into baking for a while... but now he's lost his mojo. Loved seeing all your cute kids and mum with them all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Today I made some soup. One of the ingredients was a can of diced tomatoes seasoned with medium [BLAZING] hot peppers. Mercy! Your efforts look much more palatable, Wendy :) It is wonderful your mom is feeling well enough to escape and I enjoyed seeing your early family photos. Sometimes I feel I have been swept away in a time warp, don't you! xx

  3. I love the old photos, how nice to share them on your blog. Your pizza looks delicious and those are beautiful bread rolls!

  4. Ok so I a making that bread today!!! Yum!

    Love the throwback pics!


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