Thursday, January 8, 2015

A fun short trip away

Goodness it has been more than a week since my last post, but anyway, hello to all my readers here ☺
We decided to hook up the Winjana and have a short trip away, so I did some baking....

Little rolls about the same size as a large scone

A big square pizza which was cut up and frozen in individual small squares

And the man knocked up some filo pastry sausage rolls which we also froze and never ate any while away lol 

Our first stop was at a place called Victoria falls info here and was a free camp spot too ☺

And the levels were perfect on this grassy spot...

We do like getting away with our Winjana and amazing we had not been in it for 4 months

View out from where we sit to eat our meals and read ☺nice and quiet spot too...the weather was very warm and due to lots of solar panels on the roof we were able to run the air con late in the day to cool down a bit ☺

On the road again the next morning and another beautiful hot day as we travelled up through Mt Hotham

See the orange pole, that is because in winter cold months it snows a lot here...

Going towards the tunnel up the top of Mt Hotham

Out the other side and a view over towards one of the many chair lift areas for the snow season

Fires came through here 6 years ago and many trees have not recovered

And we actually drove back on this track the day before the fire came and count ourselves as very lucky.....

It is very beautiful up here

A great view down into the Kiewa valley on the road to our 2nd place to stop

Parked and all setup at a spot called Kergunyah and the man was happy as we had a sunny spot to keep those solar panels happy too ☺

Right on a river again with a few others enjoying the free spot too

The water was cool and lovely and clear with lots of small fish too

The store was a 2 minute walk so handy for us in the heat to get an icy pole ☺

The main road also was under 5 minute walk....

Next day we headed off towards the Hume dam to have a look, but did not find any spot suitable but you can see the weather was great...

Lake Hume is huge and more info here......we continued our drive heading  towards the Murray River as we had done another search of free camp sites via my mobile....

And we stopped right on the banks of the Murray River Richardsons bend where it was HOT but was okay as the river breeze was good

View from our window for the night 

The full moon rose among the gum trees ☺

Yet another fantastic day ahead of us.....

The cattle came through while we ate our breakfast

Some had a rest for a while as we packed up to hit the road again to catch up with one of my sisters and her hubby....

Parked in their front yard for 2 nights

There is her house with our car

And the driveway we drove in on and managed to turn around on the block next door.....

The backyard ☺

This is the only picture I took of them while we were out for lunch the following day....we said goodbye on Tuesday and headed off to one more free camp site

And this place is called The Walnuts campground near Mitta Mitta on the Snowy creek which we had a lovely cool swim in as the temperature was 37 Celsius...

Our bathers drying off lol

Someone had stacked up lots of rocks 

Nice view while we sat and chatted....too hot for much else lol 

I think I may have seen a platypus over the other side but very hard to get a picture of....

A lovely spot and nice listening to the creek flow by overnight ☺

We got back yesterday and here the sky has been dark and stormy, but still very HOT....

Had plenty of thunder and lightning but little rain......but today is pouring and still hot.....crazy weather here in Oz.....
Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed our little country trip ☺


  1. I did enjoy your country trip, Wendy, and I find it rather fun that while your ski slopes are bare at this time of year, ours are collecting feet of snow. You took so many good photos, and I especially enjoyed viewing the full moon through the tree branches! Thanks for posting :-) xx

  2. You two are the traveling-est pair! I enjoyed all the photos.. wish you'd got a photo of the platypus! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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