Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bits and pieces at home

Hello again, been trying, really trying to get my crochet/knit mojo back as have been very lax of late......but slowly trying to do bits and pieces ☺

Just simple things with the possibility of future gifts....

And trying to crochet in the round straight....always leans to the right....anyone out there with a tip on this!!!!

Made another yum home pizza with little bits of leftover ham....

And more mini rolls which everyone seems to call "sliders"....oh look my skull chef is checking them out in the background on the left.....

All cooked and ready to eat and freeze the other half in slices ☺☺

Little sliders ready for future meals in freezer too, we like mini BLT's for breakfast

And look I have a cat!!!!  Well sad case me, just a doona cover but I love this lovely black cat ☺
Do you have pets or as the man calls them "pests" (not nice is he).....we travel too much to have a cat now but who knows in the future I just may pat real fur again here☺☺
May your day be wonderful where you are...


  1. Beautiful photos of yarn and your projects. I love the colours. Pets can be pests but it is never their fault. I like your cat on the bed cover. No pet hair. xx

  2. I think a ham pizza sounds wonderful! We might have to try that with homemade dough. I really desire some homemade rolls, too! No more cats for us.. the last one ripped all our sofas and chairs to shreds. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I only have chickens at the moment and they're kind of a gray area in terms of being "pets," haha. I love that you have a skull chef in your kitchen! How funny. Your rolls look delicious. I didn't know the rolls themselves were called sliders. I thought that was just the name for the whole sandwich or burger made with them. Interesting. I look forward to seeing what you make with the yarn!

  4. Ohhh! Beautiful wooly goodness! I love that green. I'm not an expert so don't pay too much attention to me! But the leaning crochet may be that you are not quite getting the last stitch into the last stitch of the last row...oh! That doesn't even make sense to myself! I know when I first started to crochet in rows it would tend to lean or even go into an interesting triangle shape! And it was because I was missing the last stitch. Ohh yummy looking edibles and I LOVE your cat bed cover! that is stunning. Yes! I have a Moonpie(cat) and my two pigs(of the guinea kind not the oinking!) I love my pests ^_- XOX


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