Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Visitors to our home ☺

Yes me again and this time I have pictures of family visiting us ☺
Here is little Misty busy on her Nintendo DS

Smile, but she was too busy lol 

Hello little man, he has such dark eyes and cute curls 

Their mum and dad happily chatting with us all 

Cute fellow 

My 2nd son....hello Frank

His partner....hello Fi

How cute....The Man with Riley in pusher and Misty pushing him ☺

Safely across the road with Granpa ☺

We had a great time out for a meal and lots of chatting.....look how happy they are ☺

And that Mr Riley was very active in the play area ☺

In the morning he had fun with his Hulk man and my Alice Cooper doll.....

Lots of fast whacking with a small wand and the Hulk went down.....
Later Alice doll had a broken leg fixed by the man ☺
It was good to have fun with them all and fun times with Grandkids 
Hope you liked this little family visit here ☺☺


  1. Lovely pics of your family.

    1. Thankyou and nice to have you visit ☺

  2. Oh what a beautiful young family your son has! You must be so proud. I'm happy to see such a loving family having so much fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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