Sunday, January 18, 2015

The beginning of some changes here

Well look here.....the man getting started on a little change we had in mind...
This is actually going back to how I started my blog when we did the laundry renovation beginning-of-laundry way back in April today is on a new start

Needing to move this light switch too

A door on the right is going to be a sliding door where you can see a tiled wall on the right....reason being, the door on the left is going to be removed and a wall will be there instead ☺

Cutting into the plaster on the laundry side of the wall

The man cut through the tiles with a plan to swing it over to this door's side and hey presto we will have a wall instead

Some tiles fell off but that is okay they are still good

Doorway fully cut

Sliding door in place temporarily, but you see what I have been telling you ☺

Moving the tiled wall around

See, all cut through on the toilet side

I did a little bit of helping with moving the tiled wall around and.....

There it is now in place where the old door was, no access from the hallway now, you go via the laundry

Other side of the tiled wall and some time in the future this little hallway is going to become part of our bathroom, which is in serious need of update ☺☺

This section will end up with a wall flush with the wall on the left

And here is that pathetic bathroom lol
We plan to put a bath where the shower is on right ie: extended by changing current toilet door and walling it up....and then basin which you cant see....with a half circle type shower on the right at back wall, with a toilet on the left at back wall.....big changes are afoot ☺☺

But for now back to some crocheting....I have made this hat for my 2nd son for his birthday and amazing how different that green looks in these 2 pictures....

I think he will be happy with it and also currently doing some fingerless mittens too
Any changes happening at your place?
Thanks again for the great comments left here, they really can brighten my day a bit ☺☺


  1. You're lucky that your guy does those remodels for you. Our master bath needs gutted and re-done too. That hat is great.. good pattern! Nice boy colors. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That bathroom is a big project but he's making good progress already. We've done a bathroom ourselves too and it was no picnic but really good to have it finished and improved. I really like your hat!


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