Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fun time catching up with Grandies ♥ and bathroom getting better

Well hello there.....yes here is that youngest grand boy of mine Riley ☺ he likes cookie but not so keen on me lol 

And just look at this face lol, honestly she was very happy while visiting but just did not want to smile for this pic ☺

My middle son with Riley running in the background

Yep, someone else was not too keen on a photo lol 

Nor the man either....but yes he was happy....don't you love my fake black rose in front of him and the wind chimes in the background

The only photo of me with this guy as he was shaking his head NO lol.....I hope he likes me soon because at the end of May he is going to be staying with us for A WEEK!!! Misty too ☺☺

I made a large focaccia  bread and the adults loved it, so will definitely make more of this for any visitors here...we had a simple bbq snag/salad/smoke chicken leg lunch...I even baked some M&M type cookies....

We decided to take a walk down town to our local park which has some great equipment for all ages to play on....I forgot my camera so thank goodness that man of mine had his phone to snap some pictures ☺ This park is roughly a good 1 klm walk and is called Newman park

Me and my son's partner ☺

That little guy LOVES batman and sure likes wearing batman clothes and running a LOT 

There he is running ahead of his dad on the walk back which does include that hill climb.....

Mum and daughter strolling back up, it was a great day with perfect weather too ☺
Always fun to have visitors for the day

And back to that bathroom renovation....the man did a bit of floor work where the basin was going to be installed....

And the said basin in our hallway

And now getting closer to being completed and you can now see that neat know, just like "beam me up scotty" of star trek lol 

Will be great to eventually have a good long soak in this wonderful bath

And look finally the window arrived today (Thursday) 

And the man will install it right here ☺

We also have one of those neat heater/fan/lights also a separate fan near the bath area 

A nice large shaving cabinet to be installed above the the moment we would be a good ad for  Bunnings which is a store here in Oz and NZ of household hardware chain....and this is where we have bought most of our stuff ☺☺
And that good man has been doing the painting, just simple white, but even that has HEAPS of choices....this picture makes the bathroom look way bigger than it is ☺

Looking great and we are going to have grey laminate around the top part of basin and around the bath.....oh and the floor preparation was done yesterday before our visitors arrived and not able to walk in here for 6+ hours and floor guy was suppose to arrive today to install the vinyl, but nope....rang them and not coming but some time next week....oh well, I can at least tell you I can now have a shower in the house again ☺☺ and just look at the size of that shower head...will get a closer picture later ☺

Looking better every day ☺
Thanks again for dropping on by and may you all have a lovely Easter where ever you are xoxoxo


  1. I do hope your little guy likes you by the time he stays with you or he'll be in for a homesick week! Good thing his sister will be there too. Your have a loving family which is great. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh how lovely Mum!!! Great you saw grand kiddies and wow that bathroom is looking Awesome!! Xoxo


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