Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fun with the grand kiddies

Hello my dear friends.......boy have we had a busy time while looking after the grand dear daughter did take young Misty for 2 nights so it was just us and little Riley, then the 2 of them for another 4 9 nights in total zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We took them to a local club for lunch while our car was having its wheels rotated...Riley had chicken nuggets, Misty had a burger 

I had bruchetta 

The man had a rather large Nachos 

There was a kids and games room so these 2 had a lot fun while we chatted at the table

Car was still not ready so took them to a park near by....Riley loved this slide 

Misty looking through the telescope across the large pond to where we could see some pelicans 

Granny was a little on edge watching this fella running around and up high lol 

This girl loves her bat clothes 

I had a small packet of teddy biscuits and told Misty to throw 1 at a time and see if some birds would come over.....well, she threw the whole packet and attracted 3 pelicans who were a bit snappy lol 

Misty stayed behind Riley's pusher for protection lol 

There certainly was a variety of birds and Riley loved seeing them

Even a few swans came over to investigate

We bought them these pyjamas bat girl and bat boy, they were very happy and warm ♥

I also got him a great top with cape on the back and even bat ears on the cute 

He has lovely curls like his sister

Enjoying another meal at Granny's 

Riley loved storing his batman/joker cars and spiderman in our console on the couch

On our last full day with them we walked down to the post office as we do every day during the week and thought a lunch out at the local Irish pub would be good....Sharing margarita pizza, chips, calamari and burger ☺

Me taking all the photo's meant I had nothing of me with them, so on the morning before taking them home the man took this and the next picture for me ♥

Do I look tired......I sure felt it lol 

And Misty took 1 of Granpa, Granny and Riley ll 

On the road home feeling pretty happy

Just look at that face ♥♥
Well the house is a lot quieter and I am doing quite a bit of resting lol
Still visiting my mum every few days and she is still fighting on...
Thank you for dropping in xoxo


  1. They're getting so big, Wendy. They're all really cute too. You guys are such good grandparents. It looks like they had a wonderful time with you. I hope you're having a good weekend.

  2. It looks like you all had fun and did lots of neat things.. they kids will treasure this time with you. I bet you are resting up! Our 2 grandsons live here full-time.. 6 and 7 years. So.. I know how busy they are! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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