Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some more visitors and us doing a lot of driving

Ah here is the man's daughter Missy with her Scottish friend.....she had spent more than 6 month OS and when she came back this fella flew all the way from Scotland to surprise her for her birthday ☺☺

We shouted them out for tea as part of her birthday....I had the surf and turf small pizza...

The man had Mexican chicken pizza with jalapenos 

Missy had Rib eye steak and mash

Scotty had a mixed grill and had a fit at how much there was lol 

He did well though.....these meals were at La Porchetta pizza pasta place but do have a huge variety of other meals ☺

Not feeling hungry now eh Scotty lol 

Oh yes and there is that tongue of hers, she just cant help herself....
We had a good time and they stayed the night and headed off home again ♥

We had another meal out, and this time it is with the man's ex and current work colleagues.....they get together every 2 months and I joined last time and had fun so went we are with all our friends lol.....just us ♥

The rest of the mob were over there near the bar and having a good time....

The man ordered the snag and mash and the snags are from a popular little butcher shop here and he enjoyed very much

I had the fish mix and it was yummy, but I did remove most of the batter, trying to be good ☺☺

On our way home in a taxi I saw the full moon and had to snap ☺
We have been doing a lot of driving down and back to see my Mum and that takes up a whole day a few times a week but worth it, but am feeling rather tired.....

Here is Woody hanging outwith my cat cushions.....he knows we are going to New Zealand soon and asked if he could tag along, so I reckon why not....a bit of fun with photo's.....
We also have my dear cousin's daughters wedding Sunday so after seeing Mum will head there for a good night ☺☺
The weeks/months are flying by and look forward to going away, but not the leaving Mum behind bit, but my siblings have all said just go....
xoxoxoxo May be missing a while just depends on Internet etc xoxo take care ♥


  1. Wow, you are one busy lady! I bet you're tired! Looks like a lot of fun you've had lately. Have a great trip to NZ! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You're doing so good eating lately as well as a lot of driving! :) Is her friend's name actually Scotty or do you call him that because he comes from Scotland? Just curious. :) I hope you have a good trip to New Zealand!

  3. You had me at surf and turf pizza. That sounds fabulous!

  4. What a lovely time. Hope you are enjoying yourself in NZ. Can't wait to see the pics.

  5. While I was galavanting around I missed this post, Wendy, but I hope you are enjoying your NZ trip and that you mom's health is better. xx


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