Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Zealand part 2 with a jump

Back again and here is Sky City Tower in Auckland which some body wanted to jump off......

There he is suiting up ready for the jump

Got to make sure safety harnesses are put on properly.....

Smiling and almost ready to go......not I that is for sure lol 

I have enough fun going up escalators lol 

The landing pad

We were standing on here waiting and I do not really like this type of mesh floor underfoot.....

Here he comes.......

Back safe ☺☺

Pretty happy with himself.....go J xo
Thumbs up for the official movie and photo ☺

After a few days in Auckland we got on the road for our next weeks accommodation....

We stopped off at Crystal for a look see as we all rather like crystals....

There sure were plenty to see ☺

Even a T-Rex mouth

Oh and another interesting little fellow


Amazing when they are cut in half to expose what is on the inside of some

These are one of my favourites......  

Woody was so relaxed in the van lol  

These 2 had their special bunny along for the trip too, think her name was Fou Fou.....

J drove too which was relaxing for the man.....

And Woody thought he could hock into their cheezels lol 


Our next week's accommodation ☺

Woody happy to sit near the television in our bedroom  

Nice steep driveway to walk down and back every day......certainly got a bit of walking in while staying here......

Beautiful bay of islands and even though winter the weather was good

And this cat STILL lives came to visit us and sit in front of fridge with our first visit in 2008 and look still does the same in 2015 ☺☺ Although be careful as it will run through your rooms just to try and stay in the warmth lol 

We visited these falls called harurufalls

The man took off with their special bunny and it was nervous times with thinking the poor thing was going to get worse or end up down the falls!!!!!

All under control again ☺☺

Woody found the nights a little cool so slipped into one of my fingerless mittens

There was also a small black cat here......

And a great path to walk through the resort and avoid the steepness of the driveway ☺☺

We had some good meals out both in Auckland and Bay of Islands...this was at dennys in Auckland

And even Bunny enjoyed a drink ☺

And we also had a relaxing time lol
Tomorrow I will probably be back with a mass of bird photo's from a park we visited while in's are a bit all over the place but at least I am back posting again ☺☺
xxoxoxoxoxo till next time


  1. You've been having fun again! Not me on the jumping either. Since my hubby is a geologist he would have LOVED that trip. Glad to see you are carrying on with the good life Wendy!

  2. Fun, indeed and some amazing sights, too. How kind of you to show Woody such a good time :) Thanks for posting, Wendy! I'm headed off to camp for a week at the beach with some of my kids and can hardly wait till we leave on Sunday! xx


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