Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1st part to Fifth wheeler along the Murray River

Well after that fun engagement we filled up with diesel and hit the road......another beautiful day

We saw some of those lovely fields along the way in the distance 

Lascelles camping spot near pub $10 per night and had power, water, toilets and shower and of course we had a meal in the pub but was just pizza night....Sunday night

Simple country town with a handy park for campers ☺and on the road again the following morning Monday

Pysche Bend camping ground info here and free near Mildura on the Murray river more info here too

We could not get near the river but that was okay as had our parking spot away from others ♥

Saw a lot of these lovely flowers which are called Pig face lol cute

A simple country view on a lovely warm day.....our spot for 2 nights

Those solar panels were soaking up the sun and providing us with plenty of light and heated water and even watched the television 

A short zoom over to the Murray river

And there were planes flying over.....can you see that small speck in the sky lol 

We also went into the town of Mildura where they were having a bit of a country music festival...

Selfie in the street as you do ☺

More of those lovely flowers as we drove along some of the tracks near where we camped

Boat ramp to the Murray river 

Our last evening at this spot with plans to head on.....

MisHap was not really getting into this trip lol 

Morning sunrise and off we go.....

Another wonderful warm day.....actually getting more warm than we like lol 30+ Celsius we are more you winter type of 15 Celsius 

We found this great spot on the banks (very high) of the Murray river at Nyah-Vinifera state forest free camp 

We were even able to collect some wood and make a small camp fire using some broken bricks as the know I love a good fire and am good at making them too ☺☺

Beautiful view and lovely fire

Love the mirror image in the river ♥

This log reminded me of a square nosed crocodile lol 

We headed off to bed quite warm after the glow of this fire.....

The following morning a Pelican came past to say hello......well, from a distance of course

I do love these birds, just like my Dad did.....

Will still had a bit of wood left too in the morning

This Rainbow Lorikeet also dropped by and looked right at me......

Here he looks a bit nervous so left him in peace ♥

A really beautiful spot to camp and great place to take photo's too 

Plenty of trees and a good road 

We came in on this road and further down they were doing a bit of river/road/environment stuff.....

Don't you love an old tree stump......or is it just me coz I am weird lol 
Anyway that is enough for today and will post then next 1 later.
Thanks again for coming and saying hello xoxoxoxo


  1. Thanks for the lovely photos of your last trip. My oldest sister had lorikeets for a few years...although they were in an atrium and not out on their own! xx

    1. Always happy to share what I see and do xoxoxo

  2. Lovely photos. Heehee! Pig face flowers?! Love it. They are very pretty,I wonder why pig face? XOX


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