Tuesday, October 6, 2015

An engagement celebration ☺

Hello my friends.....we left last Saturday for a special occasion and decided to take the Winjana so we could continue on the next day for a bit of a road trip

The occasion was the man's oldest boy.....not this one, he is the younger boy...

They were all ready to have a good time with lots of friends and family 

The girl in the dress here is the future daughter (in-law) but I like to drop that part ☺☺ you may remember her and the son joining us on a trek to nz in june this year 

She had a lovely dress and it was a beautiful day which has been rather rare for us of late.....

The man and family/friends in and black balloons

I only brought my mobile so did not exactly get too many close pictures....

Yep him again.....

The back of the engaged couple....

A better front one of them chatting to friends ♥

Looking back over there large back yard

These 2 were some cousins whom I had not met before and lots of fun

The girl and her cousin ☺

The girl's Scottish partner and her brother next to him....hello K and B

Oh yes and there is that usual tongue shot with her cousin joining in lol 

The girl sitting with her Mum and cousin enjoying a neat fire 

It really helped as the temperature sure got cool once the sun disappeared lol 

And look at the amazing cake that his Mum made for them with Star Trek picture....and was delish too....
Well hoped you like this post and I will be back with another 3 of our fifth wheeling trip.
Take care and love out to you all xo


  1. It seems like someone in your family is always getting married or having a baby! It's really wonderful. :) I wish the happy couple all the best!

  2. So glad you had a happy celebration, Wendy! xx

    1. Thank you Gracie lovely times xoxoxo


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