Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good friends and family times

Hello there, here we are on our way for a good catch up lunch with close friends and I was pretty happy ☺

I got the man to take a selfie with my mobile phone and this turned out aok with me out of focus which is a good thing lol
That was a drive down and back trip which sure filled in our day on Sunday

On Tuesday we headed off again, this time to visit a new family member and also stay overnight at my Mum's so we could then visit her and break up our driving trips....a bit of sock knitting helps too ♥

And here is the new little great nephew ♥♥ look at that hair ☺

Here is one of sisters Loo and her hubby the proud grandparents and a cut off of their son the dad

Now cutting off my bro in law and a slightly blurry shot of the proud dad lol 

And the Mum trying to enjoy her lunch while we did a short visit ☺

And young little man with his very happy sister my great niece.....cute ♥♥ 
Was a lovely visit

And they loved the blanket I made

With a hat also 

and 2 fun bibs.........
We are now back home again and getting ready for another trip.....
This time to my man's sons engagement on Saturday night.....then we plan a trek off with our Winjana for a few nights.....
Take care and see you all again xoxoxo


  1. Wow.. your family is growing in leaps and bounds! I'm so happy to see you getting around to see everyone and off to camp and have fun too. Good for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Congratulations! Your nephew is beautiful. He does have a lot of hair. My son was like that too; his hair was so thick when he was born that I needed to part it on the side, to keep it off his face! He had this beautiful, thick, shiny blond hair, he looked like Robert Redford, the baby. :)

  3. Your great nephew is precious indeed, and I am glad you had such good visits during your last travels. I admire your good stitching projects as well, Wendy! Wishing you safe travels :) xx

    1. Thank you too Gracie and babies are such fun xoxo

  4. All your trips sound like so much fun. Beautiful baby - so nice to have a baby in the family, isn't it? Enjoy all your upcoming travels!

    1. Yes we do have fun....Yes babies are a joy and thanks for visiting 😀


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