Saturday, September 19, 2015

This and that at home

I think I may be lucky to post once a fortnight lately.....anyway, hello out there....I made this yummy Tom Yum soup, sweet and sour and very spicy with added chili ☺

Putting a load of washing on last week I accidentally washed my 57 yr old blue teddy......he must have jumped into the washing basket next to our bed......I only discovered this after making the bed and he was missing.....a quick look in the front loader and there he was, turning around and around.....oops....Luckily it was a lovely sunny day so he got to hang out on the line for the day ♥

We walked down to the post office as we do each week day and decided to have a brunch as had not had breakfast at one of the neat little places in our town....we both ordered the open bacon grill which was delish.....

Yes, still working on this neat blanket most days, but usually only 1 row a day.....

We drove down and back to visit my Mum during the weeks (actually twice) and the weather was nice and the drive home was pleasant instead of pouring rain.......

Blue teddy was very happy to be dry again and back inside relaxing on the couch....

The man's youngest boy called round to give his Dad this neat t-shirt for father's day lol 

There has been a bit of sewing happening here too......made myself this roomy t-shirt with that cute cat fabric I bought years ago and added some little bat buttons on the neck edge ☺

Some skeleton shorts for bed or lounging around.....

With patched up old singlet to match too lol 

Today (Saturday) we had a short drive to another town so I could visit another fabric store and drove past these lovely canola fields.....

It has been a lovely day and as we drove back you can see how blue some of the sky is and a glimpse of the train track as we go over the bridge back home.....

Our 2 flowers in my car were happy to be out on such a nice day.....
Going to be okay again tomorrow and we are having lunch with friends which will be lovely...
What have you been up to lately?
Take care and be back again soon and also thanks for the comments too xoxoxo


  1. It was fun to catch up on your doings.. I think your teddy may have enjoyed his bath and time on the clothes line. I'm home alone today -- and rare and amazing thing. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Love the look of your sweet and sour soup and that scrumptious breakfast. You're making me hungry. Looks like teddy make it through the wash ok.

    1. Thanks Susan, I am always hungry lol

  3. Scrolled back to see if I had missed a post and see that I missed Teddy's Great Adventure! He came out better than my Raggedy Ann my mom handmade for me went through the wash. The red dye in the yarn my mom used for Raggedy Ann's hair ran all over her face giving her a rather tragically embarrassed look. You can see her peeking around the chair I draped my shawl on in my last post :) Your soup and sandwich look so yummy. I am making another batch of Minestrone Soup today. It is so great that you are having fun family visits and are getting so much stitching done!xx

    1. LOL yes I did see your Raggedy Ann lol xoxoxo


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