Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Road trip to visit a son ☺

Oh just look at this wonderful weather on the road lol  It has been crazy cold here again and lots of rain still......We headed off on our road trip to experience a bit of this.....

But thank goodness after a number of hours into our journey the weather got better ☺

Taking snaps of the countryside along the way ♥

We stopped for one night at a motel which had 2 cats and neither were keen to get friendly so only got a snap of this furry one.....

Weather was even better then next day, and our little sunny flower was happy too

We kind of look happy lol 

Getting closer to where my oldest boy lives ♥

And plenty of traffic........

This was a picture at the motel we were to stay at for 3 nights and thought well it showed the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera house too ☺

And here we are the next day ready for a little trip

Caught this bus to Circular key to have a fun trip to the Taronga was all ready for it's return trip....

Just a simple snap of part of the city Sydney

A ferry with the harbour bridge in the background

More ferries and more of the bridge......get ready to see lots of this lol 

Yep ferries again....

George Washington all dressed up......this was the name of the Ferry we caught over the harbour to the zoo.

Opera house from the pier

Slight zoom shot


Luna park which is a small theme park type attraction
We arrived and first part was a cable car ride to the top of the mountain for the zoo ☺

This guy looked fake but he sure was not.....

Mouth now shut

A lovely blue kingfisher

A pesky Plover (well they are pesky where we live, dive bombing everyone near the shops because they have their nest on the ground and don't like humans near them) crazy birds lol 

A bush turkey which my older sister has living near her in the Oz state of Queensland ☺

Another view down the path towards, yes the bridge

sydney-harbour-bridge lots of info here


Don't mind their faces......although not that I plan getting too close to one lol 

Plenty of different snakes in this area......skim over if don't like snakes....

Yes we are the lucky country with ALL of these snakes lol 

Now this was this enclosure which was outdoors but with glass between us......counted at least 5 red bellied black snakes and these 2 were constantly entwining each other and moving around the whole enclosure.....should have filmed them but was happy getting a couple of was so much warmer in Sydney so the snakes were very active.....

Another hiding from the wrestling pair

And this one sleeping.....

Fast running lizards....

Black headed copper snake......

Giraffes in the distance with a wonderful view......

Right where the Giraffes are.....

Love seeing chimps but they nearly always walk off lol 

A couple of hairy goats......

This one was inside a big hole in the rock of next picture

There were goats all over this huge rock......

Plenty of climbing.....I certainly am no goat as I hate climbing anything these days ☺

Lovely face on the tiger

And luckily some kiddies were going past in a mini type train and the bell made the lions sit up and look, so I got a lovely photo of them.......

One of the black sun bears.....

It even had a bush turkey rumanging around the enclosure lol 

Lovely giraffes

Another view out through the trees over the harbour

A couple of Lemurs 

cassowary also known to be a very dangerous bird......yep Oz has some great ones lol 

A lovely king parrot which we are often lucky to have in our backyard every now and again ☺

An elephant...

Smiling for the photo

And quite a few gorilla's at the zoo and counted at least 2 babies too 

Mum and small baby

Toddler baby having fun around its Mum and Dad

The female elephants in another area

Typical back shots of 2 birds.....

This was the deer enclosure but had heaps of chickens and roosters crowing lol 

The deer 

Pygmy hippopotamus who looked dead, but was really just completely zonked out......relaxed I guess ☺

This is a Binturong which is often called a bear cat but are neither a bear or a cat but a Civet......and are found in the forests of south-east asia.....cute

Another view of cable car and views

Some crazy duck lol 

Spoonbill bird happy to stand one legged for photo opportunity lol 


A pelican cleaning itself....

Same pelican doing a little pose for the camera ☺

Port Jackson shark

Penguin swimming swiftly by.....

A group of fairy penguins

A couple of wrestling seals

Posing lol 

Another ride on the cable car ☺

View again ♥

The exit to the zoo after a LOT of boy is to the right of picture and them man about to come through the glass doors.....

Back on the ferry

fort-denison info one of Sydney's historic landmarks

A tall ship with the sails down.....

See all the people on top of the Sydney Harbour can climb and do the walk across.....not this little black duck lol 

Sunday for fathers day we went out for lunch and we took this fun selfie lol 

Monday we hit the road so goodbye sign for my boy......sniff sniff 

And the weather was turning so not looking forward to now being back with cold miserable stuff.....
What is the weather like in our area/country......some of you are heading into Autumn where we are heading into spring and maybe decent weather real soon lol
See you all again here real soon xoxoxoxoxo


  1. What a great trip. I'm glad you had a nice time together and better weather when you got on the road. I loved seeing your photos of Sydney. I'd really like to visit there someday. The zoo photos are great too. I used to watch the Crocodile Hunter fanatically. The sun bears reminded me of him because there was one time on his show where he picked up a sun bear in his arms like a baby and it farted loudly and he cracked up laughing. I'll always remember him and the gassy sun bear, LOL. :)

  2. Wow.. lots of fun pictures of your trip. I enjoyed seeing all the different animals. I wish I could visit there someday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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