Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lots of rain and a drive out and about

Here is one of my Aloe Vera plants in flower.....rather neat looking flower I think and hello out there ☺

Still working on that play mat and this is part of the grass square

We have been having a LOT of rain and a pond has appeared in our backyard.....perhaps I should get myself some ducks ☺♥

The daffodils have not liked the extra rain.......

The other night I thought I would knock up some bread dough and make us some home baked pizzas for our tea ☺

Capsicum, olives, garlic, mozzarella, mushrooms, one pizza had hot salami and cabana, the other had prawns ☺

I must say they were really delicious and had for tea and breakfast the next morning lol....also I made the marinara sauce with a can of tomatoes, basil, oregano, garlic, onion and a dash of vegetable stock ♥

As I said, there has been heaps of rain so yesterday we took a drive through a few of the towns near us and where some of the rivers flow......this is a farmers paddock 

They sure have their own lake happening here

The Latrobe river is a large river which flows near our town and boy was it flowing yesterday and nudging breaking the banks on each side.....

As you can see it was another wet day

These paddocks look lovely with all the yellow ☺

Now this river is the Avon 

And in this part on the bridge looking down you normally only see one part slightly flowing and the rest very dry.......just rocks

But today it sure had plenty of water and spread all the way across

It was flowing very fast, hard to tell in this photo though

Bubbling even.....

Looking back along the bridge, you can see just how wide this river could be......

And across the road looking towards the railway bridge which crosses the Avon

I must say the weather was FREEZING lol and very windy......we drove to this other section of the Latrobe river where it meets up with the Thomson river

Wearing my trusty blundstones on this wet day trip

And this obviously is the swing bridge

The middle section rotates so that boats of tall height can pass through on either side 

Looking back to the meeting of these 2 rivers. Normally there is a difference in the water but today it was very murky.....

Looking back the other way, where they are totally combined ☺

One side of the mechanics of the bridge....

A small park is on the other side and you can drive to this spot but have to take another road to get to that side with a driving on this bridge

The other side mechanics.....
Well this was a different post for a up I may have a little road trip we are going to do visiting one of my boys ♥♥
Thanks for dropping in and may your day be a good one today ☺


  1. Although we are at opposite seasons, it is raining here, too, Wendy. We really need the rain here in the Pacific Northwest, but it looks like you are getting a worrisome amount! Yes, I think ducks would be happy in your backyard :) Thanks for sharing the photos of your pretty but wet flowers. Even with regular watering my hanging fuchsia plants have not been happy in the unusually hot stretch of weather we have had. The swing bridge is very interesting and certainly has withstood the test of time! Your food photos make me hungry, and your stitching spurs me on to complete my own :) I hope you have a safe and happy trip visiting your family. xx

    1. Thanks Gracie, great to see you here and have emailed you too xo
      Wish I could have ducks lol but go away a bit too much. xo

  2. Well.. we are having similar weather for a change! We are finally having some rain after months and months of hot dry weather. We have lots of fires here so it's welcome. Have fun.. with your ducks! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Have of course emailed you too Teresa but hey a hello here too is good and thank you xoxoxoxo

  3. Yes! Yes! Get ducks!

    1. Gee I replied the other day and it is missing lol Oh I would love a duck or 10 xoxo

  4. Wow! That was quite a bit of rain you had. I can't believe it's so cold there - it's been in the 90's everyday here in NY and i'm definitely looking forward to cooler temps. Your pizza is making me hungry - it looks delicious!

    1. Hello Susan, yes the differences from one side of the world to the other ♥♥ Those pizzas were the best and going to make them again for sure ☺☺ thanks for dropping on by xo

  5. Your Aloe Vera is amazing! I was given a baby Aloe, it is now a tiny bit bigger and has little babies of its own! I suspect it would do better if Moonpie would stop nibbling it! Beautiful photos XOX


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