Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another steam day fun ☺

Hello my family and friends again it has been a little while since last post......
And I think you may guess what is about to happen here ☺

A small light in the distance with a bit of smoke......

The man took some photo's with my mobile so here I am ☺☺

Do I look excited lol

Toot Toot, yes the yearly steam train coming right into the town I live ♥

Now these next few photo's are really not great as someone thought they could stay ON the track as the double steam trains approached......

I am actually zooming a bit here but you get the picture......

And right here is a great example of what you should NEVER do......shame could really wreck it all for everyone else.....dangerous behaviour 

But here they come, R711 and R761

And there they go into our local station for the day

Under the footbridge where I usually stand and take my photo's each year
This trip comes from Melbourne brochures details here to give others a chance to ride in a steam train and also visit the snow at Mt Baw Baw, also local wineries and other places in the area's along the way.

It is a full days outing and one day I will catch that train back in to Melbourne and maybe the man and I can have a night in the city ☺☺ 2 hour trip for us.

SSSSSSSSS......was a good day

And I am ever so slowly working on this crochet play mat, along with many other projects...
How is your crafting and fun in life going?
May your days be good ones or at least have a happy thought in your day ♥☺


  1. How exciting to be expecting a new Grand! I am happy for you : ) I love seeing your train adventures, but worry about people standing on the train tracks with the train coming! You have been busy with many good sewing projects, and I think your play mat is very clever and will really be enjoyed. I went to an art group this afternoon and got to experiment with watercolor crayons which was fun. Thanks for posting, Wendy. xx

  2. The play mat is wonderful! Wow, what a great idea. You definitely did seem excited about that train, in fact you still do. :)

  3. Hi Wendy! I also enjoyed your train photos.. shame on the woman who put herself in danger like that. My poor engineer husband ran over a few people doing stupid things and it is very hard on the engineer when that happens. I love your mat and know the kids will love it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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