Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trip back home and visiting sons ☺☺

Well we are back home again but just want to do the final part of our trip here and say hello to you all  ♥♥
Another lovely day on the road leaving Coolangatta

I even managed to get on with that baby blanket which has traveled a lot with us ☺

We had a really good lunch at this hotel and have now noted it in our travel book ☺ We have started a book to list towns and places we have liked and also meals for further reference...should have done it years ago lol 

Along the highway we went through a few of these tunnels 

We stopped for the night in Taree and had some yummy belly pork and salad at The Manning River Hotel MRH and yes noted this too also a good quiet motel for a change near by....

Our next day saw us getting close to visiting my boy who lives near Sydney in NSW....I have shown this rock mountain carved road before as there is a LOT of it.....

And oh boy there is a lot of traffic too once you get in the Sydney region....

And there he is, one of my lovely boys ♥

Had to do a happy selfie of Mumma (he calls me that ☺)

And the man enjoying a little red.....

We had tea out and me and my boy both enjoyed these grilled prawns 

Next day we took a bus into Sydney for a day out ☺

The Opera house in the distance

A cruise ship was in and looked mighty big with the Sydney Harbour bridge in the background.....

A selfie of us on the bus home after saying goodbye to my boy sniff sniff.....

I finally finished that blanket and very happy how it has turned out but not really a girl blanket but hey I went with the colours that were chosen lol 

On the road again with a stop over one more night before finally heading home

I have started another sock......will this take me 6 months.....hope not

But I was lucky to be able to visit this son who was house sitting for my youngest boy....he calls me Mum ♥♥

and he had his cute little boy with him, he calls me Granny ☺ such a sweet little boy 

Max was also at the house being looked after

Trixie who sat nicely for the man so he could get her lead harness on for a walk ♥

She was pretty excited after her walk lol 

Fifi the guinea pig was having a drink 

And the best shot I could get of Daphne the bunny without letting her jump out of the cage lol 
Well we are now back home after also visiting my Mum and telling her about our little trip ♥
Thank you all for your kind words to me about my Mum and enjoying our adventures
Keep safe and enjoy life xoxoxo

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  1. You sure do have handsome boys. You'll have to tell us how many kids you had and how many boys and girls.. I forgot! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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