Thursday, October 22, 2015

Final part of Coolangatta

Hey together here enjoying a visit from.....

my sister lolly......hello

and Pete 
They stayed for one night and we had a good catchup

Another good day and we spent next 2 days at theme parks

Movie world with super heroes of course

The man ready for fun again

we rode this one a few times feet dangling Arkham 

lots of loops and twists and turns we also rode superman a few times

we had a quick bite at a shopping centre and saw these cane lights in the shape of squid ☺☺

today (thursday) our final day here we went back to SeaWorld and road storm again and then had a look at

the arctic penguins and some have laid eggs 😀😀

posing for the camera

the young ones are now losing their brown fur

a great day and now packing for trip home with a visit to my boy near Sydney....
thanks for calling in.....a lot harder on tablet but I am doing it lol


  1. Oh.. love those adorable penguins and the fuzzy babies. Glad you're having fun and will see your boy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Great pics Mum! Give Rexy a hug for me and hugs to You xxxxxxx

  3. Thanks for taking me along on more of your adventures, Wendy :) You are so brave riding on roller coasters! I've enjoyed my visits to Sea Worlds here in the States, but have never seen a Penguin egg freshly laid. Wishing you good times with your loved ones xx
    PS. Still no water in our front pond but we are getting a steady rain today. Hooray!!!

    1. Thanks Gracie and do hope the pond fills up 😀😀 and look forward to reading your blog when back home xxoo


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