Monday, October 19, 2015

Trip to Coolangatta

Hello....... okay away in Qld now and getting used to samsung tablet 😨😨 unsur of adding interesting links so you will just have to Google yourself lol ☺
Filled up with diesel on Wednesday and off we went.....

Great weather and trying to get into a relaxed mood ☺

Our little sunnys were happy

Even got into the crochet spirit and hooked along the road lol

We certainly collected plenty of insects 😵 we also stopped for 2 nights along our road trip of 2000 klms

We travelled along some interesting roads

A large truck kicking up plenty of dust

The view was nice though when he let us pass 😀😀

More hooking with some other wool......

Apparently as this says.........

Our final day of travelling was beautiful

Some more twisty roads but great views and dropped in on my sister Lolly and Pete but no pics.....they are coming to stay a night with us today (Monday as I type this)

We called in at Movie world one of the theme parks to get our passes ready for more over the week

This is Superman the ride 0-100 in 2secs and have loved this one and hope to ride eventually

There he is the man of the moment 😙

We did manage a quick ride on the kiddie Roller coaster at Looney Tunes

We arrived at our accommodation and just look at the view for the week ☺☺

We have been doing a lot of walking and saw this Koala in a park 

Out the front of our building.......
Yesterday (Sunday) we drove to..........
Sea world (another theme park on the gold coast) and had a look at their creatures of the deep.....

This one looks like it is eating the colourful plant 

The man and a great white shark

Last time we were here this was being built and is now complete 😈😈

But my favourite Roller coaster has gone.......sniff sniff

The man went on a Jet Ski type fast ride......I road in another visit and not a fan

off he goes

whizzing past very fast on lots of twists.....

and yes we rode Storm and loved 😀😀

interesting dropping down here through mist

and getting wet lol

we saw a couple of dolphins

and this hungry polar bear.......we then left and drove to a place called Fingal head

if you look real hard you will see a dolphin at the top of a wave.......there were 3 and lovely to see in their own natural environment ☺☺

oh and seagull wanted its photo taken.......
We now wait for my sis to arrive and send love out to you all xxxxoooo

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  1. Nice that you can blog from your tablet.. fun photos of your adventures. You two have fun like a pair of teenagers! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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