Friday, November 13, 2015

A bit of crochet, knit, sewing and new glasses ☺

Hello again, here is a ball of bits and pieces now weighing almost 70 grams, which, I tie together then will probably crochet a scruffy scarf.....made one years ago and love it as it has bits from all of my past projects ☺☺

Still working on that sock, slightly growing......

Another good start to one of my mornings with poached egg, salmon, avocado and tomato......quite liking the low carb eating.....just don't mention bread or pasta to me though lol 
I had ordered quit a bit of fabric from darncheapfabrics an online store and had wanted this bird fabric for a while......It arrived the other last week....I love this bird fabric and it has a little bit of stretch ☺☺

And here I am in the top I made on Wednesday......just another copy of one of my old tops which I still wear ♥

We had another quick trip down to visit my Mum and she loved my new top ☺☺ 

I also have managed some more crochet of mittens, this time with the fingers covered and thumb....will show complete pics soon.....but as I go round and round there is always a slope of the stitches....can you see near the hook? Going to research this.....

Anyway working on something else which may have to be kept secret till Xmas lol 

A healthy lunch today (Friday 13th boo) of salad with light pork burgers and some yum red onion

And how fitting for Friday the 13th, my new Alice Cooper t-shirt arrived all the way from America.....only took 5 weeks lol......yes I am quite an Alice fan from way back when I was 15 ☺☺

And here is some more crochet and this time after a quick google to see how to straighten the around and around.....apparently if you increase hdc every 2nd row and just slip stitch as usual it all works straight amazing.....well I think it is, and here is a link straighter-seam-working-hdc-in-the-round/ and I must say I thank Janaya from Charmed by Ewe ♥♥

I have NEW pair is reading/computer/crochet close stuff and the other with the purple is for everything.....transition/multifocal and I LOVE a newer pair a few months back and well.....they are annoying on my nose and quite heavy....may just use for driving....

Do I look happy?? I sure feel happy lol  and I had even been to the dentist (which I HATE) and all is good in my tooth world for now lol 
May your day be bright and happy where you are and thank you again for dropping in on me ☺


  1. Thanks for the link about stitching in the round...I need to bookmark it to have handy when I need it. It will be fun to see how your yarns end scarf turns out. You new blouse is pretty, and cheers for your good dental report and your new glasses :) xx

    1. Yes it is a great link so glad I found it and lovely of you to visit again too xoxoxo pity not in person

  2. You're getting lots of crafting done.. good for you! I'm happy for you that you don't have any dental work in the future.. I do and I'm not happy at all about it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes amazing me being busy in the craft time lol

  3. Hi Wendy, this is such a nice post. It seems like you've been busy and productive. Your new top is lovely and looks very nice on you. You look very happy in your new glasses, good for you. And I'm glad you don't need any more dental work, that's fantastic. I hope you're having a good week, take care.

  4. What a beautiful face! Love your new glasses and the gorgeous bird fabric. The new top looks great.

    1. Hey susan thanks for dropping in again ☺☺


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