Monday, December 7, 2015

Work xmas bbq

Hello again my friends.......on Saturday we had a couple of things to go was the van club Xmas lunch and all pics were terrible so none here.....also a small local market....not worth any pics.....but we had fun at the man's work BBQ and even went on a ride.....the man took this selfie with my phone ☺

This was the ride we had whizzing fun on with some young kiddies lol 

The old Cha Cha ride was there...

And the Kamikaze not to my liking lol 

Dodgems....the man's favourite

More whizzing

There he is, ready to drive.....

Round goes the Kamikaze

Look at that turning action 

Such concentration lol 

That shark slide from the local show was even here.....

The little kid rides

And on a sadder note the donuts van arrived on the back of the local tow truck.....

No donuts this year......

Cute turtle ☺

Wombat having a drink 

Hello to my sister Lolly who likes these oxxo
We had a good time and our lunch with the van group was good too

Made up another oven mitt for someone ☺☺
Thanks again for commenting and dropping by xoxo


  1. You two have so much fun! Good to see your guy having fun like a kid... never grow up.. that's my motto. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. My husband used to especially like driving the bumper cars, too. :) Interesting creatures you saw! Good for you for making another oven mitt! xx


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