Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Baby shower and pressies

Yes me again and this time at the Baby shower yesterday (Sunday) exciting times as yes I am going to be a Granny again and also the man will be Granpa ☺☺

There was a wonderful cake and I can tell you it was delish ♥

My sister with my Girl (yes daughter in law but I drop that) and a lovely baby bump

My ex Ma in law who got quite attached to this baby doll ☺☺

There she is again with her girl my other sis and love them very much ☺

My sis having a bit of my Frittata which they all thought was pretty tasty.....

Having fun with a guessing game

And this little one belongs to my niece (daughter in law of my brother) ☺

And this is her Mum, my niece by marriage......

My girl with my sis and the man's girl ☺☺ love this snap 

Me and my girl and I look a bit crazy lol......

Esky with plenty of soft drink and champagne too 

Me and his girl but I call her mine ♥

Unwrapping lots of presents......

This little one was so entertaining.....when she dropped the plastic cup she said "Uh Oh" lol 

More unwrapping ♥

A sneaky side on shot of this little bump ♥

And this is what I gave...... 

Mini shoes

I bought this little dress but made the rest ☺

Really out there outfits lol 

Bibs made from some material my Mum had at her house since 1980 so made some cute bibs on her behalf......

A little hat 

And this kanga which I made a few years back just waiting to give to someone ☺☺
So much fun and now the waiting game begins.........
Family time can be the best times of all.....
♥♥♥♥♥♥ to you all out there 


  1. The baby shower looked like great fun, and it's extra-special you enjoyed it with family and friends! Our little Sarah is already two weeks old today...the time truly does fly. xx

  2. Goodness.. what a fun time and your family is growing in leaps and bounds! You sure gave a nice collection of fun things to the new baby. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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