Friday, December 11, 2015

Crazy weather

Well we sure got some rain on Tuesday and much needed, but temperatures have been 28+ Celsius 

Crazy wind blowing the gum tree around

Yes this looks like a junk heap lol rain pouring down 

Neighbors gutters have lots of holes.....

Even the Winjana got a wash ☺☺

A small pond forming

Bouncing of the little tin shed 

The plants were really soaking it up....

And as fast as it began it was gone again.....have had quite a few more hot days and today, Friday is cool again with little chance of rain 

We have some of the family coming for a night next week, so the man has put up a tent for fun ☺

There he is being blown about lol 

Good sized 3 man tent 

Plenty of room inside ☺☺

I have most of our presents already wrapped and Ratus is guarding them for me ♥

Completed these mittens my own pattern ☺

And these lovely ones, which are small so hope they fit ☺

And again working on my sock.....getting close to the toe now ☺
How is all your Xmas shopping/making going?


  1. Good for you, getting your Christmas gifts made...and so pretty! We are still getting more rain and in the Pacific Northwest there is more flooding and wind damage, but our creek is back down to a more reasonable level, and our family is safe. I hope you have fun with some of your visitors camping in the backyard next week :) I am crocheting some doll clothes bags for two of the grandgirls....I better get back to work! xx

    1. Yes Gracie it is a good feeling to be organised for once lol Has been real hot again and today cold and raining nuts it is xoxoxoxo

  2. Funny how we're both getting so much rain! I hope the tent stays dry! Good job on having your gifts all done. I have to wrap today. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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