Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 a new year....and may it be better

Hello and happy new year to you all.......
our lemon tree has been dropping heaps of lemons lately and also looking a little on the yellow side (the leaves) we have given it a trim and also some citrus food ☺

This is only 12 lemons....the rest are in our fridge.....

A made up this old style lemon drink cordial with a bit of sugar, some water and some of the peel too....delish it is, and rather nice with a tipple of vodka and some soda ☺☺

I did notice this web outside the back of the garage with a rather large spider which has now been eaten by something.....probably one of the many birds who love hanging around here.....

Now, I have been back to the dentist for the start of crown work and have temp crown for the next 3 weeks so thought I better cook up a soup so I would have easy eating ahead lol Took the bone from the ham at Xmas and added the usual, celery, carrot, onion, stock, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, mustard and lemon juice with chili too and some pasta to thicken it up a little ☺

And must say it is real tasty ☺

My girl gave me this calendar for Xmas so I will now have Katy Perry in the lounge for the year lol 

Today (Saturday) we had a little trip out to check out one of the surf beaches near us.....1 hour away....

Surf was up and after having temperatures in the high 30's today is low 20 with a chilly wind lol 

The wind was whipping this long grass around 

And blowing our hair too lol 

Further up the beach were a group with kids doing races to the water and swimming brrrrr

When we got back home I had a drink of water at our kitchen sink and spied this little green guy near my toy lizard lol 

These 2 shots were with the mobile camera 

Then I went outside and used my Canon slr camera and he had moved onto the head of the lizard ☺
So tiny and now has disappeared......
Just a bit of fun for us today
Take care out there and see you again real soon xoxoxo


  1. Fun little catch up with you. Seeing your beach makes me want to go to the sea.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your lemons and soup look like they are yummy, and I love the look of your ocean, too :) I wonder if your little green friend is what I have known as a "walking stick." xx

  3. Boo about the dental visit, but well done you for thinking to make a soup to help ease the aggravation! The lemon cordial looks amazing and has me wanting to make some. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Andi and yep sure enjoying the lemon cordial with the heat today and tomorrow xoxo


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