Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A quick escape

Well here we were on a quick escape away......this stop was near the man's oldest boy and we caught up with him and his fiance' for a night.....bad me, no photo's you can see we also took our stop too ☺

The next day we drove to a place called Hamilton and here in one of the parks, my love....steam train toot toot 

Well fenced 

But at least you can have a good look all around this old beauty ☺

Looks happy enough lol 

I decided this trip to bring out my canon camera and try to take better photos 

A good zoom over to the creek near the caravan park we stayed at for 1 night....

Just a photo taken from on the information display....

All pretty self explanatory for you all out there ☺  We have been lucky to see these cute guys while kayaking a few years ago along a river.....

Nice old flowering gum tree.....

Zoomed in on the gum-nuts hanging over our car 

After staying at the van park for a night we decided to do a bit of walking around this old cave area on the road towards Portland, our next destination

Non zoomed shot

Slightly zoomed in on this cave

Well zoomed in and amazing how it lightens up with the camera ☺

More info here of Byaduk caves

Stone lined paths 

My camera certainly was working well for me this day ☺

More paths.......

A good old selfie lol 

Very dry around here 

All ready to continue our trek

And whilst in the car I finished this hat....
Will be back with 2nd part to our little trip xoxoxo

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