Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A bit of crochet and sewing gifts

Yep me back again, amazing eh? I started this beanie last week for the man's girl who is going back to Scotland very soon to meetup with her boyfriend from there ♥

I was also working on this one for him, hello Kevin if you read this ☺☺

Worked a little bit each day.....

Completed Kevin's and looks quite good turned up brim

Just a few blue stripes, he has lovely blue eyes.....well at least I am pretty sure they are lol 

And her hat, Julia hello, hope it keeps your head warm over in the UK ♥

A third hat I did for my middle boy Frank who should be visiting us on Friday possibly with my other grando Riley ☺☺he is 3 and my other grando's are 14 and 16 soon to be 17 incredible!!

I have also sewn these crazy little pants for a friend who's daughter is due real soon.....
Hello Lanie do you think Fi will like ♥♥

Also made 5 more burp cloths and will give 2 to Fi and......

these 3 to my new grangirl when I see her next......I really like these deers ☺☺
Well will now schedule this one to happen overnight.....have the man's girl coming soon to visit to say goodbye.......


  1. I really like those ribbed crochet hats! I actually like the blue striped one best. You're producing things like crazy.. good for you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes and they are real easy to make too, will email pattern link for you xoxo

  2. I admire all that you made, Wendy...pretty and practical stitching! xx


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